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Effortless Steps to Create the Perfect Wardrobe

Steps to Create the Perfect Wardrobe

All women have dreamed of a large dressing room filled with haute couture dresses. All women have dreamed that they will have a large dressing room at home where they can keep all their clothes, accessories and shoes. Dressing rooms are ideal for keeping clothes wrinkle-free and within sight.

They are spaces where you can dress freely and enjoy this moment as you have always wanted.

If you have a large bedroom or any other room where you can install a dressing room, follow this short guide to avoid making any “fashion” faux pas.


Step 1: Room configuration

Step 1 Room configuration. 1

Choosing the design of your dressing room is something significant. This point should not be overlooked. You need to think about both the features of the space and your tastes. A dressing room is also a functional space, but also decorative.

The design possibilities of a dressing room are numerous, but the most common are: an “L” shaped dressing room and the “U” shaped dressing rooms.

“L” shaped dressing rooms are suitable for large spaces; the clothes are within easy reach, and you can move around quickly.

Step 1 Room configuration. 1

The dressing room in the form of “U” is the one that occupies all the walls of the room. It is ideal for very long and wide pieces.

With this dressing room, you will create clothing aisles by separating, for example, the women’s area from the men’s area.

Step 2: Dressing Room Function

Step 2 Dressing Room Function

A walk-in closet is used to store both winter and summer clothes, so you should leave an area reserved for each type of clothing.

Typical organization:

–place hangers for long garments such as coats, jackets and suits, shirts

— drawers for sweaters and t-shirts

— drawers with organizers for complements such as belts or scarves and a bow tie

By choosing this organization, you will have a perfectly tidy dressing room.

Step 3: The order of the clothes

Step 3 The order of the clothes

The order of the clothes is essential to create a beautiful harmonious space. The best way to keep order in a dressing room is to transform it into a “real decorative piece”.

At first, sort the clothes according to their shade and size, then do not overload the drawers too much at the risk of finding your clothes wrinkled.

Finally, put the clothes you wear most often either on the nearest shelves or at the top of the piles of clothes.

By choosing this technique, you will spend less time finding your sweater.

Step 4: The shoes…

Step 4 The shoes…

It is a fundamental element of the dressing room. Shoes such as boots or sandals are an integral part of the dressing room. These tidy and well-organized will add added value to your dressing room.

You sweat and don’t want your dressing room to smell sweat, so keep the original boxes. You can store them, and they will also be against dust.

Step 5: The mirror…

Step 5 The mirror...

Another essential element in a dressing room is a large mirror where you can admire your clothes and check your outfits. Try installing recessed spotlights on the ceiling.

If you don’t have a lot of space, place the mirror in a cabinet door. Mirrors let in lots of light and give the room a greater sense of freedom.

Step 6: The little extra…

Step 6 The little extra…

To add a touch of glamour to your dressing room, place elements such as a printed or colored mannequin, bench or ottoman/armchair in the center of the room. They are beneficial and comfortable elements that also decorate and personalize the space to your liking.