Outdoor Design

4 Ways to Give Your Outdoor Living Spaces a Glow-Up

After a few years with a standard look, a much-needed glow-up is necessary to enrich the outdoor space. Regardless of the size of the backyard, be it a tiny balcony, a large courtyard, or a large patio, there’s something that needs changing to make it more aesthetically pleasing and match your indoors. With comfort and style in mind, look closely at the garden outlook and position to determine how best to spruce up the space. Before making plans, consider clearly how the outdoor space will work. Here are four ways to give your living space a glow-up.

Outdoor furniture

A simple glow-up method to give your outdoor space character is by adding stylish outdoor furniture. Consider garden chairs that are the right size without drawing too much attention. It’s possible to add a side table and a rug to make it as inviting as indoors. Brighten the area a little more with colored flower pots on either side of the pieces of furniture or even some soft outdoor lighting above or around your new furniture.

Covered outdoor living space

Enjoying the sun doesn’t mean having to suffer under its rays for hours when you can create a design cover for the outdoor space. Consider using lattice screening to provide additional privacy from neighbors as well as protect you from the heat. Overhead covering not only helps with the sun but even the rain or snow, in case you wanted to enjoy an evening outside in the cooler months. With shades above and beside, nap time outside will be something to look forward to, plus, it will help increase the longevity of your outdoor furniture.


Sometimes, an outdoor space with all the necessary furnishings may not be inviting. Pay closer attention to the furnishings used and consider changing them if they’re too hard. Soft furnishings are more comfortable and inviting. Invest in good lighting and other accessories for staying out at night, such as solar lighting. The lights should have minimal to no maintenance. You may even consider some type of fire pit or fireplace for the cooler evenings spent outside enjoying the fresh air.

When the season eventually changes, you’ll not have to worry about protecting the outdoor space or damaging it. The outdoor space will be cozy and inviting with the lights, furnishings, and other accessories, making it a favorite hangout spot for the family.

Water feature

For a classier and serene glow-up, add a water feature. Ideal for a great sensory experience, the flowing water soothes and relaxes the mind. It also allows for animals, such as birds and small critters, to come and take a closer look. This would be extremely enticing to them and would be quite exciting to watch them come and go.

Regardless of where you live, you’ll need to take measurements before choosing a design of the feature you like. Consider the style and patterns and compare them to the surroundings to get a better fit. The color should blend with the overall color scheme of the backyard.