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30 Creative Open Wardrobe Inspirations for You to Reproduce

Open Wardrobe

Stylish and practical, the open closet is a trend in bedroom decor.

Who never dreamed of having their own closet? In some situations, this idea is distant, either for lack of space or resources. So, if you want to fulfil that wish, see how to have an open wardrobe with easy ideas for you to replicate at home.

There are several options available, either with PVC pipe or even ropes and branches, in a more rustic style. Follow the inspirations and separate the best tips to put into practice.

30 open wardrobe inspirations for you to reproduce

You can only separate a rack, niches, shelves or even a complete wall. Just adapt to your room. So, follow up on functional ideas for making your wardrobe open.


Macaws 1

Macaws 2

Macaws 3

The easiest way to make an open wardrobe is to opt for macaws. They can be in a modern style or more classic with antique wood. The choice will depend on personal taste and the aesthetics of the environment.

Shoes can be supported just under clothing. On the other hand, if this is a problem, the shoes can be left on an open shelf, niche or shoe rack. The bags look great on the side of the structure.


Complete 1

Complete 2

A full open closet has space for bags, towels, duvet, dresses, pants and blouses. Therefore, it will take up a large part of the space in the room, or even an entire wall.

To accommodate these items, simply install large shelves or complete with other furniture. Open modules and even a chest of drawers are harmonious, just follow the same decorative line


Minimalist 1

Minimalist 2

Minimalist 3

Minimalism is more than one type of decor, it is a lifestyle. The minimalist elements value simple, straight pieces, in light colours and with only essential items.

Therefore, an iron structure attached to the ceiling, or even a macaw without details, help to compose an environment in this theme. The predominant colours are: white, black, beige and grey.

Support items

Support items 1

Support items 2

An open wardrobe is functional, but it can’t always accommodate every part of the room. Therefore, hats can be supported on hooks or nails on the walls. The bed linen is great in wicker baskets.

An option for those with more space is to separate two macaws. Thus, it is possible to share clothes in a double room, for example. Other furniture can store jeans, suitcases and organizer baskets.


Niches 1

Niches 2

The niches are made up of free shelves. As a result, they are easy to organize allowing you to accommodate larger items such as bedding pieces. As for the idea of ​​an open closet, they are the best idea for storing shoes and bags.

In addition to being visually more beautiful, it is also very practical when choosing a look to go out. You can also decorate with decorative objects such as succulents, flavourings, scented candles, books and treats in general.


Shelf 1

Shelf 2

Shelf 3

Shelf 4

To assemble your open wardrobe, you just need a firm structure to support it. Even a branch with strings attached to a shelf is a creative and economical option.

The top can hold less-used organizers, boxes and pieces. The lower part of the shelf is used to hold the macaw and hold the clothes. You can even do it on two levels, with a smaller structure for the shirts.

Attached to the wall and ceiling

Attached to the wall and ceiling 1

Attached to the wall and ceiling 2

Attached to the wall and ceiling 3

Attached to the wall and ceiling 4

Attached to the wall and ceiling 5

Another idea is to attach a chain to the ceiling and use a wooden cable to secure the clothes. You can also install a metal frame with hooks or just a simpler cable.

The idea is to use the ceiling and walls to accommodate your open wardrobe, using few pieces that can be found in home and construction stores. An extra tip, to create a more rustic atmosphere, is to use pallet boxes to store your shoes.




Now, if you want to make your own open closet, the easiest and fastest material is PVC pipe. So, just make the footrests in lighter wood. You can attach it to the wall or install casters, to move it more conveniently. A good idea is to use spray paint in gold, rose gold or whatever colour you like best.

Wooden slats

Wooden slats

Another way to have an open wardrobe in DIY style is to build the piece with wooden slats. You can use old wood that you already have at home or buy it separately. For a rustic feel, don’t paint.


Miscellaneous 2

Miscellaneous 3

Miscellaneous 4

Miscellaneous 5

In addition to these ideas, you can use hives to organize more delicate shoes and clothing. You can also take advantage of the lower space of a staircase in your home. Also, installing stylish shelves is a great idea to make a stylish open closet.

Already that corner in your room will be very well used with your clothes. There is also your own furniture that can be used to store your pieces. This way, clothes are less exposed to children and pets.

With these wardrobe options open, you can now put your closet into practice. Whether in a single or complete line, the most important thing is to have a space of your own. How about now see tips for decorating a small room?