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20+ Beautiful Frames for Living Room: Tips for Choosing Yours

Beautiful Frames for Living Room

Check out a gallery to inspire your home decor!

Why leave white walls when you can insert decorative frames in your living room? These objects bring more life and grace to the environment, and also contribute to leave the room’s decor with your face!

The paintings can be of different styles: mosaic, with characters from movies, in kits, with abstract art… Options abound in the market to suit all tastes.

Both in the living room and in the TV room, the decorative paintings attract the attention of those who enter. Therefore, they must be well chosen, so that the result is a harmonious and balanced composition.

Therefore, it is important to consider some factors before choosing, such as:

  • Room size;
  • Artistic style;
  • Combination with other elements of the room;
  • Chosen position;
  • color tuning

Thinking about these initial questions will make the result of your decoration the best possible.

Mosaic frame

Mosaic frame 1

You’ve probably seen a mosaic picture hanging around at some point. A decoration trend, it is made by joining several fragments.

Mosaic frame 2

They bring an air of modernity and elegance to their surroundings.

Mosaic frame 3

They can be found with various layouts. For example, with photos of places you’ve been to or dreaming of visiting.

Mosaic frame 4

They can also be abstract, with vibrant color play.

Mosaic frame 5

Tiled frames also look amazing with phrases from songs, poems or the Bible, for example.

Mosaic frame 6

Furthermore, they are also great for bringing together musical and artistic elements. Like these, based on Pink Floyd’s CD cover.

Mosaic frame 7

In the TV room, the mosaic paintings also put on a show!

Mosaic frame 8

You can find them with characters from various movies, from the cult to the mainstream.

Mosaic frame 9

But if you’re a fan of a ball, the paintings with famous football players also bring a really cool air to your living room.

Decorative frame kit

Decorative frame kit 1

In stores or on the Internet you can also find kits with frames

Decorative frame kit 2

They might have a common theme, like floral prints.

Decorative frame kit 3

Or, follow the same color palette. Some more colorful…

Decorative frame kit 4

.. or monochromatic

Single frames 6

Decorative frame kits can also come with the same shapes, giving a more classic and elegant look to the room.

Decorative frame kit 6

Or, come with different shapes and sizes, giving a more fun and colorful look.

Single frames

Single frames 1

But if you prefer a more air clean , and also beautiful, a good idea is to choose a single frame.

Single frames 2

In this case, you should think carefully about which frame will be chosen to decorate your room.

Single frames 3

Also consider size. If your living room or TV is too small, opt for smaller frames.

Single frames 4

If it’s more spacious, think about a bigger frame.

Single frames 5

As for the style of the painting, choose it considering the rest of the decoration, so that it is harmonious.

Single frames 6

Also match the colors of the frame with the colors of the rest of the decoration, such as pillows, for example.