Bedroom Design

18 Rich and Elegant White Rooms to Inspire Your Decor

A white decor, with walls and furniture in this color, can make you escape the rush of everyday life and go to another dimension. When combined with colorful accessories and artwork, this classic color elevates any room’s decor with great sophistication. No wonder the white bedroom is a favorite among designers. See 18 white room ideas created by today’s design legends.

1- Multicultural comfort

Close to Tel Aviv, Israel, this room celebrates world charm with a Tuscan village flair mixed with American style. The mix of contemporary furniture, the picture frame and the Louis XVI chair travel around the world in decoration.

2- All white

In this room, everything is white and the difference between the materials is the textures.

3- Light

This white room makes good use of the lighting with a 1910 farm bed. The wooden furniture contrasts with the white.

4- Caribbean island

This 1970s room in a Caribbean villa blends minimalist color with luxurious antique pieces. With a canopy, ottomans and antique armchairs.

5- Peaceful and floral

A tranquil atmosphere in this Colorado room is achieved with the color palette inspired by flowers and lavender tones.

6- Sculptural dreams

This classic monochrome Washington room draws attention for the custom sculpture on its ceiling.

7- White and gray perfection

White walls and gray-patterned fabric add a peaceful feel to this Connecticut room. The same fabric as the headboard and bed support goes to the armchairs.

8- Blue tones

This room combines modern wallpaper with the serene atmosphere of a Manhattan apartment. The blue pillows and headboard add a special touch.

9- Touch of color

Dots of purple on the frame, lampshade and bedding finish set this white room apart from a Toronto home.

10- Luxury fabrics

The walls of this 1850s Nashville room have been painted white to draw attention to the luxurious fabrics : velvet on the bed and custom on the drapes.

11- Texture details

Different patterns and textures elevate the decor of this New York apartment master suite. They appear from floor to ceiling.

12- Perfect illusion

The huge mirror and the bright white wall create the illusion that this room is bigger.

13- White as snow

The carpet and white walls pay homage to the snow all around you on Aspen’s mountain peaks. Vintage benches add a special touch to the cold-inspired decor.

14- Lacquer everywhere

This white room in San Francisco is all paneled in white lacquer.

15- Artist’s Refuge

Touches of color and art are scattered throughout this white room on the Côte d’Azur. There is room for the vibrant creations of the artist who owns it.

16- Neutral palette

In this Hollywood room, white meets a neutral color palette. Vintage pieces customize the decor.

17- Aspen Cottage

White blends with rustic wooden furniture with exposed trunks in this room in Aspen. Artwork by Andy Warhol and an orange acrylic table add a touch of modernity.

18- Light tones

A clean atmosphere inspires this one bedroom apartment in New York. White is accompanied by gray and light blue.