17 Earthy Tones Ideas to Use Colour Palette in Decor

Earthy tones are a trend for 2021 and capable of making any environment much more cozy. The platform noted a threefold increase in searches related to neutral color palettes with earthy tones — indicating that these colors, which are already widely used, should become even more sought after in 2021.

1- Earthy tones: How to use this color palette in decor?

Find out what the earthy tones are and see tips for using these trending colors in your home decor, making your environments cozy!

Annually, Pinterest launches Pinterest Predicts, a report with the top trending predictions for the year. For 2021, one of them is the use of earth tones in decoration.

Do you want to use this trend in your home too? Read on!

2- What are earth tones?

Earth tones palette are those that vary in nuances from brown, beige to orange and moss green. They are neutral and easy to combine

Sand, brown, caramel, copper, ocher, burnt pink, terracotta, coral, marsala and orange — these are just a few examples of earthy tones. As the name implies, we group in this term all the colors associated with the earth, which range from darker brown to some shades of green, such as moss green.

These are easy to match colors that help to bring a more welcoming touch to spaces and reinforce natural references, in addition to being timeless.


Colors evoke feelings and awaken sensations. And, therefore, it is always important to consider which shades to select when decorating the environments, making them suitable for the use they will have.

In the case of earth tones, they are associated with feelings such as inspiration, calm and nourishment, reflecting the desire to reconnect with the outside world.

These feelings explain why earth tones are on the rise. With the Covid-19 pandemic, we live in a world full of uncertainty, but the colors that represent nature bring tranquility.

4- What colors match earthy tones?

Neutral colors such as gray and white form an excellent combination with earthy tones palette

One of the advantages of earth tones is precisely the versatility they offer. As they are neutral colors, they can combine with several other shades and various decorative styles.

For those who want to create a clean environment, it is possible to combine these tones with other neutral colors, such as white, black and gray, creating a balanced décor.

You can also use colors that are a little stronger but softened in lighter versions, such as lavender (which is a softer purple), mint green, or light blue. By the way, this is a nice tip for small environments that need a touch of color.

In the case of deep browns, a good idea is to associate them with greenish or bluish tones, making the environments lighter. Another interesting option is yellow.

However, in general, earth tones are used in decorations in which they are the protagonists. You can choose one of them to stand out in the environment and compose the space with the others. For balance, white is a great ally.

5- How to use earth tones in decor?

Earth tones can be used in virtually any environment in your home. The secret is in the composition. Let’s see some important tips?


Harmony is essential when decorating with earthy tones. To complement this, invest in colors that create contrast, such as black.

The choice of coverings is one of the most important points to compose your space. As earth tones are very neutral, it is essential to think of textures that match these colors closer to nature. You can, for example, compose spaces with smooth floors, such as burnt cement, and create a highlight with a brick wall, which brings a rustic atmosphere.

Another idea is to opt for porcelain tile versions that recreate wood. You can use light wood on the floor to visually enlarge the room and create a bolder color combination for the walls.


It is very important not to overload the environment. If the room is small, be careful with more closed colors. Prefer to leave them just for the details, such as an accent wall, and the rest of the décor in neutral and light tones.

Another alternative for small spaces is to use furniture and walls in the same tone, softening with complements such as rugs and curtains in other colors. Keep in mind that the idea of ​​using earthy tones is to bring more warmth; therefore, the excess can make it difficult.


Earth tones have a strong connection with nature. Precisely for this reason, they combine with everything that is natural: organic fabrics, handicrafts, ceramics, straw, sisal and, of course, some plants, to bring a green touch.

You can also follow this path in prints, preferring those that refer to nature, playing with sustainable materials or even innovating with arrangements in dry leaves, bringing the autumn mood, which has a strong relationship with these colors.

Other natural materials that may appear in its composition are wool, wicker and wood itself. An unbeatable trio is the mix of moss green, woody tones and natural fibres.


Textures are great allies of the decor with earthy tones palette. One idea is differentiated vases that recreate traditional ceramics in an innovative way, such as this option with Concret Mud.

So that the environment doesn’t become “dull”, textures play a fundamental role in your decor with earthy tones. Leather is an incredible element, which helps to bring different sensations, as well as a touch of luxury. It can appear covering sofas, armchairs and ottomans.

Invest in the mix of textures, something very common in earth tone decor. You can, for example, cover a wall with wood porcelain, use a leather-toned sofa and a plush rug. Or bet on some ceramic pots with dried plants. Unleash your creativity!


Lighting should always be considered in decorations with earthy tones, as depending on the shade used and where it is applied, you may end up with darker environments.

Always try to focus on natural light, but don’t forget to invest in a good artificial lighting project.

For environments that need more warmth, the tip is to bet on yellow lights, which intensify this feeling of comfort and balance very well with the tones of the earthy palette.


If you want a bolder decoration, invest in monochrome. For example, choose a shade of brown and use it on furniture and walls, softening it with lighter-toned complements of the same color, such as the curtain or rug.


If you want to bet on earth tones, but are afraid of overloading the environment, the tip is to invest in a neutral base.

You can play with a mix of prints that bring details in different earthy tones and apply various textures to further enhance warmth.

13- How to use earths for environments?

Earth tones are very rich and you can work with a variation from room to room.

In social areas — for example, the kitchen, living room or dining room — you can bet on a more vibrant and warm atmosphere, using reddish brown tones and even guava.

In more intimate areas, such as the bedrooms, you can invest in soft and cozy tones, such as beige and khaki, giving lightness to the decor and helping you to relax.


Playing with marble and terracotta tones helps to create a unique environment, like this beautiful kitchen developed by Maurício Arruda at the 2nd Mostra Unlimited.

Kitchens can get extremely sophisticated with earthy tones. There are many options for this environment. Those who want a bold touch can mix terracotta with beautiful marble panels, wood or concrete details, creating a unique identity.

If you want an impactful environment, you can invest in a decor only with earthy tones. For small kitchens, remember the balance, with details in neutral and light colors, such as white.


For a sophisticated room, mix the palette of earthy tones with marble and other materials.

The room is the environment that allows you to unleash your creativity. You can invest in a beautiful sofa that refers to leather, for example, to add texture, and leave the rest of the decor in different earth tones, mixing with potted plants and sisal rugs, giving a strong natural identity.

If you want something more sophisticated, combine earthy tones with marble or details in steel and glass, playing with the natural and the modern in a very surprising contrast. For example, a beautiful marble TV panel and the rest of the decor in different shades of brown.

Those who want something more delicate can combine brown tones with details in light pink or burnt pink and play with fur, wood and other textures, favoring coziness.


Bathrooms can also be decorated with an earthy palette. But as they tend to be small environments, prefer lighter colors and play with textures, including covering.

Many people find it difficult to include these colors in their rooms. But you can do this in punctual details. For example, using a brown bedding, a sand quilt or some shades such as terracotta on the walls.

A headboard with wood accents and a terrycloth rug in one of the earth tones ensure even more comfort. Finish with indirect lighting, with lampshades or pendants, in yellow tones, to make everything even more cozy.


Bathrooms, as they are small, require extra care when adopting earthy tones. Prefer to use the colors in neutral and light tones for the main one and leave them closed for details, such as the countertop or a different coating inside the box.

As you’ve seen, earthy tones are great to transform any space, making it much cozier.

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