15 Light Ideas for Furnishing a Small Bedroom

A small bedroom is not a mess. There is always a way to use the space, no matter how small, to decorate. Like? See 15 practical and functional ideas for decorating. Get inspired and decorate each small space as if it were big.

1. Attention to bed size

The bed is the focal point of a room, so consider the size of the model you will choose. Remember that if the bed is large, the convenience and comfort of the room may be compromised.

2. Suspended bed

How about sleeping on high? Having a suspended bed is an original idea for those who want more space in their room. Another option is to make a closet or study space underneath it.

3. A chest bed

If it fits the dimensions of the small room, opt for a trunk bed. This model is ideal for those who need more space, because under the mattress there is a chest where you can store bed linen and other items.

4. Store items in chests

The trunk is an object that, in addition to being a beautiful decorative piece, facilitates the organization of a space. Use it to store items such as bedding and other large accessories that you don’t want to display with your bedroom decor.

5. Take advantage of vertical spaces

Shelves, built-in cabinets, bedside tables… use them to organize and decorate. Keep in mind that furniture with curved lines tends to take up more space, so prefer those with straight, vertical lines.

6. Light up the room

Light, lots of light for the room… after all, it’s natural light that makes the space look bigger. Take advantage of external lighting, as well as the use of lamps or lamps that, in addition to light, are beautiful decorative objects.

7. Choice of colors

It’s the light colors that create the illusion of a larger space, so avoid having dark tones as your main color, for example, brown, red and black to decorate a small room. However, if you are passionate about the color red, then invest in decorative objects of this color.

8. Bet on the mirrors

What other object could you use to increase the size of a small room? Mirrors, of course! There are several ways to use them in favor of decoration, whether on the ceiling, on cabinet doors, on the wall.

9. Use the walls to create a bigger dimension

Finished the organization of the room, but there are still some decorative pieces left? Hang them on the walls, whether it’s the television, pictures, shelves.

10. Vertical stripes

To give your small room the illusion of a larger space, choose to include wallpaper or paint the walls in vertical stripes from ceiling to floor.

11. Avoid lighting on the floor

If you want to have a lamp in your room, avoid having it standing up. Place it on the bedside table or put it on the wall next to the bed.

12. Racks and shelves as wardrobe

Want to include a wardrobe in the small bedroom but there is no space? Use racks or shelves to organize clothes and shoes. Both are creative solutions, in addition to the advantage of always having visible what you can or want to wear, without the fear of being late for not finding that piece you want so much to wear.

13. Niches

Decorating with niches is a great alternative to save space in the small room and also to replace the bedside table. Use them to display books and magazines or decorative pieces.

14. Organizer boxes

Organizer boxes are practical and beautiful solutions for storing objects, documents, clothes, etc. Another possibility is to use a pallet to create the organizer boxes and fix them on the walls, or use them as a shelf.

15. Multifunctional furniture

Consider having multifunctional furniture in your small bedroom, such as a drawer that serves as a study table or a sofa bed.

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