Extraordinary Steps for Decorating a Boudoir

Boudoir or dressing room is a division of the house very famous and desired in modern times, especially by the female sex. It is there where clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. are stored and organized, leaving the bedroom available for another type of decoration. The boudoir has the characteristics of an intimate space, so it is essential to have in the decor the personality and style of those who pass through it often. To have an original and exclusive boudoir, just follow these steps. Come on?


What type of cabinet do you want to include in your boudoir decoration? Remember that the choice will depend, above all, on the space available in the environment. However, you should think about a closet that can store clothes, shoes and accessories in it. So, invest in a model that has clothes racks, shelves, chests of drawers, shoe rack, niches for accessories such as bags, belts, scarves, etc.


If there is no space in the closet for shoes, then it is necessary to provide a separate shoe rack. Another option is to think of an original and functional way to organize the shoes, for example, taking advantage of a ladder that is unused, making shelves with pallet boxes or PVC pipes, or coat racks on the walls.

Dressing table

When decorating a boudoir, if possible, insert a dressing table. Thus, you will be able to optimize the space for dressing, makeup and combing. Next to the dressing table you can include another mirror, in addition to having more divisions to organize hygiene products, makeup, perfumes, jewelry, etc.

Tall Hangers

Leave a corner of the boudoir available to include a high-standing hanger alongside the decor. This accessory will be practical and functional for positioning clothes, bags, coats, belts, etc., as well as saving time by organizing what you will wear next.


The size of the mirror is just as important as the size of the closet. In this case, prefer a mirror in which you can view the entire body. If there is no space on the wall to fix it, then choose to display it on the closet door. Does the closet have no doors? Then pin it to the room door!


When decorating a boudoir, the use of Victorian style furniture is essential! Chairs, armchairs or ottomans provide a softer atmosphere in the decor, so the presence of these furniture becomes essential, especially when combined in pink and white, red and gold, or colors with high contrast, such as black and white.


When it comes to decorating a boudoir, natural light is essential, so invest in a large window and, of course, with the complement of a beautiful curtain. If the space doesn’t have a window, then choose to have several lighting spots such as lamps, chandeliers, lampshades… all incredibly devastating in terms of beauty requirements!


Every boudoir is worthy of having a rug in the decoration, whether it is a very thick model to sink your feet in while you choose your shoes or one with strong colors such as red, pink, black.

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