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15 Inspiring Kitchens With Painted Cabinets

Kitchens With Painted Cabinets

The kitchen is a space of great importance within the house, so it is important that we feel comfortable in it. Don’t like the way it looks or want to customize it more? Painted kitchen cabinets have the power to transform this room completely and are a perfect option for tight budgets.

Consider if your cabinet doors can be saved with some paint, get inspired by the projects we show you, review our tips… and get ready to paint your kitchen cabinets!

The best colors to paint kitchen cabinets

The best colors to paint kitchen cabinets

Out-of-the-ordinary paint colors will give your kitchen a lot of character, but sometimes we want to rejuvenate cabinets with white or an understated hue. In our selection of painted kitchens, we offer you a bit of everything so that you can find a color with which you identify. The most popular? White, grays and intense blues. To get out of the norm? Try green or even cabinets painted in different shades.

Gray Painted Kitchens

Gray Painted Kitchens Gray Painted Kitchens 1 Gray Painted Kitchens 2

Before deciding which colors to choose, it’s important to consider how much natural light your kitchen receives. Dark gray is a very nice color for cabinets, and if you have a bright kitchen, you can afford it. If it seems too much, keep the gray in the lower cabinets and the rest of the kitchen in white, as they have done in the first image. Does it seem too dark for you? Opt for a light gray. The range of grays is so wide that you will have a lot to choose from; look at the undertone and the intensity to select your favorite.

Blue Painted Kitchens

Blue Painted Kitchens Blue Painted Kitchens 1 Blue Painted Kitchens (2) Blue Painted Kitchens 3

Low-saturated blues can act as neutral colors, which are also very combinable. From the light blue color with which the cabinets in the first image have been painted to the most intense blues, they all look great. These shades of blue are perfect for adding color to your kitchen without getting too out of hand.

Kitchens with cabinets painted green

Kitchens with cabinets painted green Kitchens with cabinets painted green 1 Kitchens with cabinets painted green 2 Kitchens with cabinets painted green 3

Pale greens, turquoise, emerald green… green is a color that has been introduced in our kitchens to stay. It is a versatile color in its different shades, both warm and cold. More traditional kitchens can benefit from mint green cabinets, while more saturated tones will look great with modern lines.

White Painted Kitchens

White Painted Kitchens White Painted Kitchens 1 White Painted Kitchens 2

We end with a timeless color that reigns in many kitchens, and we don’t think it will stop doing so. White kitchen cabinets are very helpful because they combine with everything and provide a lot of light. And besides, white in your kitchen doesn’t have to be boring! As you can see in the following image, the beautiful wooden handles and the shape of the doors are more than enough to give it a special touch. If you want an extra color, you can choose to color the interiors or even partially paint the cabinets to reveal the original color of the wooden doors.

What materials do you need to paint your kitchen

  • Screwdriver to disassemble the doors
  • Scourer and rags for cleaning
  • degreasing products
  • Masking tape
  • Plastic or paper to protect surfaces
  • Adhesive notes
  • Putty
  • fine grit sandpaper
  • Cabinet primer and paint
  • small foam rollers
  • small stirrer
  • paint bucket

Preparation before painting

Preparation before painting

To paint the kitchen doors, it is better to do it horizontally, so we will proceed to disassemble them from their hinges. We recommend that you stick a numbered note on each door and drawer and inside the cabinets to know which hole each one corresponds to. This will make assembly easier! The doors must be perfectly clean so that grease and dust do not affect the final finish. Use a grease remover, ammonia or vinegar water until all the dirt is gone. Then we remove all the knobs or handles and protect the hinges with masking tape.

Painted kitchen fronts

Painted kitchen fronts

Lightly go over the doors with fine-grain sandpaper (if they are shiny, it is unnecessary). For wooden furniture, follow the direction of the grain. It is time to cover any scratch or imperfection with putty. Remove the sanding dust and wipe down all the doors and drawer fronts when you’re done. Apply a coat of the appropriate primer for the door material with a foam roller and allow it to dry. Apply a coat of enamel with a foam roller and, when dry, a second.

Sanded and polished

Sanded and polished

You can lightly sand between the primer and paint coats to remove any blemishes for a more professional finish. Any drops or build-up on the primer or first coat will be amplified later with successive coats of paint; better to sand even if you think it’s imperceptible! When you have finished the front of the doors, prepare to repeat the steps with the back.

Painted kitchen cabinets

Painted kitchen cabinets

In addition to the fronts, depending on the style of your kitchen (and whether or not they are visible with the doors closed), you may also have to paint the front of the cabinets. Protect the countertop, floor and interior wall with masking tape to achieve neatly trimmed edges without messing. Follow the same steps as the doors and let the paint cure completely. You can replace the hardware and put the doors back on the cabinets at that time. And now you have your kitchen ready!