10 Warning Signs You Need To Call a Plumber

Are you experiencing any plumbing issues? Plumbing problems vary; from minor to complicated. Some situations are so apparent such as a burst pipe or clogged kitchen drain. But not every plumbing problem is as obvious. Some plumbing situations start small. However, if they’re not handled immediately the situation can quickly get out of control. So the trick is to be proactive and fix the problem while it’s still small.

So when is the right time to call in a plumber?

Slow Moving Drains

Do you notice any slow moving drains in your kitchen or bathroom sinks? This can be caused by either a broken pipe or poor drainage in the main drain.

Your first option is to use a sink plunger. But if this doesn’t work, it’s time to call in an emergency plumber Melbourne locals trust. Professional plumbers will have the tools and knowhow needed to conduct effective drain cleaning.

Whatever you do avoid using “drain cleaners” from the stores. Drain cleaners are known to do more harm than good; they contain corrosive chemicals that can ultimately damage yourdrains.

Failure to address the issue will result in the sewer lines or vents blocking completely.

Low or Non-existent Water Pressure

If you notice a sudden drop in water pressure it means something is wrong. That’s unless of course the relevant authorities have notified you about an impending decline in water pressure in your area. If not, check with your neighbours if they’re experiencing the same problem or if it’s only your house.

Low water pressure is an indication that there’s a problem in your water lines usually in the form of a clog. As a result, water is stopped from flowing properly. But this isn’t the time to start poking in your pipes using sharp objects. That’ll just damage the pipes even further. Rather call in a professional plumber to rectify the issue.

Backflow Issues

If you see any unsightly back flow water coming from your sink it means there’s a problem with the water lines. Generally, when water enters your sink, it’s supposed to disappear down the drain into the plumbing system. The moment it comes back up, it means there’s a difference in the water pressure in the pipes resulting in backflow water.

Not only is this water unsightly but it’s also accompanied by an unpleasant stench. Such an occurrence can only be handled by a professional plumber.

Strange Sounds in the Pipe

If you hear any strange sounds coming from your pipes, it’s time to worry. Usually the sound is reminiscent of a knocking noise and is referred to as water hammer. Such a situation arises when there’s excess pressure inside the pipes. Either that or the valves have become loose. These valves may cause your pipes to shift or bend, especially if they detach from their mountings.

Another common sound you might hear is a gurgling noise. In this case, chances are that your drain is clogged and water is trapped in the pipes. The gurgling sound is a result of the trapped water “looking for air”. Don’t wait a day longer to call in a plumber when you hear such noises. If the situation is left unattended it may result in leaks.

Continuous Dripping

Do you notice any continuous dripping from your kitchen or shower taps even when they’re tightly closed? This can be because of too much water pressure in the pipes. Either that or the showerhead may be broken.

If this dripping is left untreated, it can end up damaging the plumbing system. So make sure you call a plumber at the first sign of dripping taps.

Do You Hear Running Water When All Taps Are Closed?

Hearing water moving through the pipes when someone is running a tap is normal. The problem starts when you still hear running water even if all taps are shut. This is definitely a cause for concern which indicates that there is a leak somewhere.

But don’t speculate. You can double check if indeed there’s a leak by:

  • Checking the water meter and writing down the reading
  • Closing all the taps in the house for an hour
  • Rechecking the meter

If the reading increased, there’s definitely a leak; meaning it’s time to call a plumber.

A Sudden Rise in Your Water Bill

A sudden rise in your monthly water bill is a cause for concern, especially if you’re utilising the same amount of water as before. This may be an indication that there are leaks in your plumbing systems. You’ll need a plumber to inspect your plumbing system to see if anything is out of place.

Your Toilet Keeps Running

If you’ve flushed the toilet hours ago but it keeps running, it means something isn’t right with your plumbing. This usually means the seal that connects your toilet tank to the bowl is damaged. As a result water keeps on leaking into the tank to constantly refill it.

A plumber can sort this out for you in no time.

Final Words

Any time you notice any of the above mentioned signs, it’s time to contact a professional plumber in Melbourne. Even if you’re an avid DIYer, there are certain plumbing problems that you must leave to the professionals.

With that said, is it time to call the plumber? In this article we list the top warning signs which indicate that it’s time to call in the professionals like Parker Plumbing Company.

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