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How Much Do Granite Countertops Cost?

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With the new wave of sustainable development, there is a huge rise in the use of natural materials in building and construction. More and more people are turning to natural materials like wood and stone for constructions. Hardwood floors, wood furniture, stone countertops, and fireplace mantels are the current rage in home design. And among all these materials, granite is definitely enjoying the spotlight in recent years! This pricey stone is often used in high-end, sophisticated designs for its natural beauty. Not only does it look unbelievably chic, but it can also last a lifetime with minimal care!

Granite is one of the most popular construction materials, used the most in making beautiful kitchen or bathroom countertops. Granite countertops can increase the real estate value of your home. However, along with a variety in colors, granite countertops also have some variety in its prices. This variety allows the homeowners to find the type of granite that best suits their needs as well as budget.

There are many reasons why the cost of granite countertops is so high. One of the main reasons for this is its composition. Granite is 100% natural stone which is porous and yet highly resilient. It is easy to clean and maintain. And with its polished surfaces and curved edges, it looks as elegant as any marble countertop. But compared to marble, it is quite cheaper and affordable. This is another reason of its popularity. As with any material, high demand leads to a hike in price of granite countertops too. However, if you buy them in wholesale from a direct factory price supplier like the Granite Brothers in Worcester, you might find more options at fewer prices.

Due to its unique looks and high demand, granite countertops are quite expensive. The price of these countertops varies greatly depending on many different factors. These factors include the type of granite you use, its availability in your location, transportation costs, installation costs, etc.

Moreover, the pattern, color, and fabrication, also affects its overall cost. Typically, the cost of granite countertops ranges from $45 to $80 for normal and $150 to $250 for the high-end and rare colors. Add to it the fabrication and installation costs, and your countertops become even more expensive. However, the many redeeming qualities of granite countertops make it the ideal choice for many homeowners.

Granite is a purely natural stone which is available in many natural colors like black, brown, white, beige, red, etc. Each slab of this stone is unique with slight differences in pattern and colors. It looks very elegant and chic wherever it is used. And while it is a porous material susceptible to stains, adding a coat of sealant can solve that problem for you. Plus, granite is quite resilient and highly durable. With proper care and maintenance, granite countertops can truly last a lifetime! This makes it a great choice for countertop material. However, this longevity does come at a steep price.

The renewed interest of designers and builders in the use of natural materials like granite has raised its demand (and costs) to an all-time high. And this interest is showing no signs of dying down anytime soon! However, the high-end look, low-maintenance, and high durability of this material make it well worth the expense.

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