Kitchen Design

Top Kitchen Ideas for a Traditional White Kitchen Space

Are you looking to create a modern kitchen space? It can be pretty easy if you know the right things to do.

We have the right ideas for you if you are motivated to renovate your kitchen space.

How expensive is it to remodel a kitchen?

The cost of kitchen remodeling will always vary depending on the scope. The quality that you choose will also determine the overall cost.

However, it can be affordable if you do extensive research to find the best kitchen items for your remodeling. You could opt for traditional white kitchen cabinets to start your remodeling. Such an affordable idea will set the pace for the rest of the remodeling project.

Top 10 Ideas for a Modern Kitchen

Add a peninsular 

You need a kitchen island to create a hub in your kitchen. It is a modern beauty that also functions in the kitchen to serve homeowners and their guests in the kitchen.

The amount of space that you have in the kitchen should inform the size of the kitchen island you will be installing. A larger space can accommodate bigger tables but a small space should just have a unique setup like a champagne trough and bar stools around it.

Invest in smart storage 

Storage is essential in all kitchen spaces. However, modern kitchen spaces require smart storage. In addition to the storage that you get from your traditional white kitchen cabinets, you can supplement dramatic pull-down cupboards for places that you can hardly reach.

Gather ideas about smart storage online depending on your kitchen layout. The idea is to maximize your kitchen space by ensuring that every angle of the kitchen is utilized.

Add a utility room in the kitchen

You will need a large kitchen space to implement this idea. After all, the kitchen has become a central place in a household and most kitchen spaces are nowadays bigger. A utility room is an area where you can place your boots or anything that you’ve come with in the kitchen space.

The idea of a utility room is to create a streamlined living where the kitchen is seen as some sort of normal living space in the room. It creates a relaxed environment in the kitchen that would make your guests comfortable staying around. The mood of the kitchen is also relaxed to make it a happy place.

Embrace colorful designs 

Do you want to express your personality using color? Modern kitchens allow you to use exciting colors, textures and finishes to show your personality. Gone are the days when you used to fear bold colors in kitchen spaces. It is now possible to find blue, green, and orange features in kitchen spaces.

However, you are not limited to colorful ideas only. You can still stick on traditional soft colors like white and install traditional white kitchen cabinets that will still make the kitchen exciting. The choice of color is largely yours depending on your theme and style.

Invest in smart appliances 

You need smart appliances in your kitchen space to make it a modern kitchen. They are not only beautiful but also functional. They will work to make your life easier around the kitchen. The degree of convenience that smart appliances bring to your kitchen is unmatched.

Think about a kitchen where you can control your cooking using a remote control, doesn’t it look beautifully convenient? Choosing the right smart appliances will also help you reduce the amount of energy consumption in the kitchen.

Mix work surfaces for different zones 

Don’t use a single work surface for the entire kitchen space. Mix them up a bit to zone the kitchen. You will decide which surface goes where depending on your preference.

For suggestions, you can install quartz on prep spaces and timber for areas that are rarely used in the kitchen. Even when you have installed traditional white kitchen cabinets, you should not use timber in all other areas because they can easily get dumpy in wet areas.

Layered lighting 

There is a common agreement in modern kitchen spaces that lighting plays a significant role in both function and aesthetics. Forget about the ceiling light fixtures – they are too ordinary. You can have layered lighting in your cabinets.

Think about how beautiful a kitchen with traditional kitchen cabinets would look when it has spotlights underneath. Layered lighting can also work perfectly in glass cabinetry. The ambiance created by layered lighting is relaxing.

Use freestanding furniture to soften your kitchen 

You can soften your kitchen space by blending freestanding furniture into the kitchen space. It creates a relaxed feeling for homeowners using the kitchen space frequently and guests alike.

You just have to ensure that the added furniture is adding aesthetic value to your kitchen space. Your primary focus should be on color. Ensure that the colors rhyme with other kitchen elements.

Install a minibar 

Large kitchen space can accommodate a bar strip. It is a nice idea for the aesthetics of your kitchen. You can also make it a functional bar where your guests can gather to share a drink while you prepare a meal.

A mini bar in the kitchen creates a conversation area in your kitchen space to encourage lively talks.

Go green 

In a world where climate change is a key concern, every kitchen owner should remodel their kitchens with a green mind. There are several ways to go green in your kitchen. One is to find durable materials that will last for a long time to avoid constant remodeling. This is why traditional white kitchen cabinets are still popular in modern homes.

Another way is to install technology that will reduce energy consumption in your kitchen space. You could also opt for more natural lighting to reduce the number of artificial light fixtures in your kitchen area.


All these ideas are practical in the modern era. You can use all of them for perfect kitchen remodeling.