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The Smart Way To Hang Flower Window Boxes on Your Home’s Exterior

Flower window boxes are a simple way to add elegance and style to your home’s exterior. The window boxes that are available today have evolved into something any homeowner can install, but knowing the proper way to hang the boxes is important.

Many manufacturers promote their window boxes as easy to install. Homeowners should take these claims with a grain of salt. Safe flower window box installations are going to require some drilling, and you should beware any products that claim to have a simple type of attachment. The fact is that flower window boxes are heavy when planted. They must be installed securely.

Here’s a closer look at how you can attach flower window boxes to different types of home exteriors.

Hardie Board

Hardie boards or planks are a popular type of siding in many parts of the country. These boards contain cement fibers. Their durability is exceptional, but working with them to hang flower window boxes can be a challenge. You’ll need a masonry bit to drill attachment holes in Hardie boards.

The key to mounting a flower window box on a Hardie plank is to locate the studs behind the plank. Flower window boxes are heavy when planted, and the screws won’t hold unless you drill into a stud.

Aluminum Siding

Aluminum siding has been used for many years to give homes an attractive exterior. It is easy to maintain, but it can also be difficult to work with if you are hanging window boxes. It is very important that you locate good anchor points when attaching boxes to aluminum siding.

You can use screws and anchors to attach to aluminum siding, but you need to spread out the screws along the entire length of the box. It will not do to place screws on either end of the box. This could cause the box to sag in the middle. You should try to attach in such a way that the weight is distributed along the entire length of the box.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is one of the most popular exterior siding choices. It is found on a large number of homes, especially manufactured housing and even mobile homes. It can be a challenge to hang flower window boxes on vinyl siding because the siding is not meant to bear a lot of weight.

Some recommend that a simple hook system should be used to attach flower window boxes to vinyl siding. This is not advised, and it can be unsafe. The proper way to attach is to locate a stud. You can then use a combination of screws and anchors to place the window box.


Stucco is a type of cement exterior covering that is combined with sand to make an artistic mortar. There are backing materials behind the stucco. These can include a combination of tar paper, plywood and metal.

There isn’t much difficulty involved if you want to hang something lightweight on stucco. Heavier items like a flower window box are a different matter. The first thing you will want to do is locate the wall studs behind the stucco with a stud finder. Mark the spots with a pencil. The next step is to drill holes for a wall anchor.

Once the holes have been drilled, you should fill them with a silicone caulk. Tap the anchors into place, and then use screws to attach your flower window box to the anchor.


Many older homes have a brick exterior. Masonry was the standard for many years until vinyl and aluminum siding began to modernize home construction. The good news is that attaching flower window boxes to a brick exterior is a pretty simple job. You just need the proper tools.

You will need a hammer drill and a masonry drill bit. Locate the center of the window and then mark a spot on either side of the center to drill holes for a mounting bracket. Once you have drilled the holes, fill them with silicone caulk. You will then tap in the anchors.

A lag screw is used to attach the mounting brackets to the anchors. You can then secure the flower window box to the mounting brackets for a secure placement.

A Final Word About Window Box Materials

When you are considering the material that is used to make a flower window box, remember that some materials are able to handle weight better than others. PVC is preferred for window boxes because it is lightweight and easy to work with. When the box is planted, it will weigh less than a wooden box. Structurally, PVC window planter boxes are more durable and dependable.

Window boxes are an attractive addition to any home. Just remember that a proper install is needed for safety and long-term function.

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