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Style White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets With Different Design Elements

Widely known for their simple-looking flat doors with square edges, shaker cabinets are timeless attractions. Since the 1800s to the 21st century, these drawers have been the favorites of many homeowners. 

Shaker-styled cabinets come in varieties, based on color, design features, and styling. In terms of color, white shaker kitchen cabinets are the most common varieties of the epic shaker-styled cabinet brand. 

Do you want to know whether or not shaker cabinets are in fashion? Well, in this review article, we have explored everything about white-stained shaker cabinets. Continue reading to know more about shaker-styled kitchen cabinets. 

What are White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets?

White shaker cabinets are the most common variety of shaker-styled kitchen cabinets. Like all shaker cabinet varieties, the simplistic design of these drawers dates back to the 1800s. They are part of furniture designs crafted by the ‘Shakers community’ a religious group that fell out from the Quakers before migrating to the US during the 17th century.  

Besides their white paint, white shaker kitchen cabinets are defined by the following features. 

  • Straightforward Designs

Shaker-styled cabinet designs are typically box-shaped, flat-paneled, and generally simple-looking. They commonly feature well-crafted slab doors, for example, wood or glass slab doors, with square edges. 

From traditional to contemporary designs, all shaker cabinet varieties are defined by simplicity in terms of design aspects. Normally, they feature minimal ornamentation and simplified features, all of which make them more attractive in terms of ease of usage. 

  • Top-Tire Craftsmanship 

While they are always simple-looking, shaker cabinet designs, including white shaker kitchen cabinets are arguably the ideal reflection of state-of-the-art craftsmanship. Regardless of design, these drawers feature soft curves and straight lines, all of which are highlights of top-tier craftsmanship. Modern shaker-styled white cabinets, the most attractive shaker cabinet designs, stand out based on their five-piece doors with recessed center panels. 

  • Varieties of Design Options

White shaker kitchen cabinets, like all the other shaker-styled cabinet varieties, are exceptionally all-rounded. They come in all kinds of styles, from traditional to modern interior design fashion trends. 

From designs adorned with pearl white to those marked by ivory white, vanilla, and many other shades of white, shaker cabinets with white paint are generally versatile, Choosing them therefore, means choosing freedom in selecting the perfect design because you get access to all designs. 

Reasons Why White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets Are Trending

  • The Return of Classic Cabinet Designs

As traditional cupboard designs resurge in popularity white shaker kitchen cabinets continue to safeguard their supreme place in the interior design industry. Besides their traditional demeanor, the white shades defining white-colored shaker cabinets have a classic appeal that interior designers and homeowners are currently attracted to. 

Because of their classic appearance, these drawers can match a myriad of colors and décor materials, a fact that makes them enticing to modern homeowners, a lot of whom love mixing colors and different material finishes. 

  • The Functional Attributes of White Shaker Cabinets

White shaker cabinets are also trending because of their functional characteristics. Besides matching multiple colors and materials, white-colored shaker-styled cupboards are easier to clean, thanks to their straightforward appearance. 

Because the color white is highly susceptible to exposing dirt, white shaker cabinets can make you clean your kitchen regularly and so, make it more attractive than it currently is. Like many white-painted cabinet varieties, white shaker drawers can make the interior of any kitchen seem light, spacious, and vibrant, thanks to the lightness of the color white. 

  • The Multiplicity of Design Options

Considering that homeowners now want cabinets with multiple design variations, the fact that white shaker kitchen cabinets are trending is justifiable. These cupboard designs feature numerous designs, which is a fact that has made them very popular in the modern interior design industry. 

Whether you prefer kitchen cabinets with a country or ultra-modern visual appeal, chances of finding your perfect design are high only if you opt for white-colored shaker cabinets. Part of the reason why these drawers are trending is their design multiplicity, which is a feature worth considering when choosing kitchen cabinets. 

  • White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets are Visually Enchanting

With their simple box-construction design marked by gentle lines, shaker kitchen cabinets with white paint generally stand out as uniquely attractive. Regardless of whatever décor material or color you choose to pair them with, these drawers can easily charm you, thanks to their attractive appearance. 

Where to Find White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

Now that you’ve discovered the reasons justifying the top place of white shaker kitchen cabinets, you are probably wondering where you can best these drawer varieties at pocket-friendly rates. 

White-painted shaker cabinet varieties are available on online shopping platforms and land-based furniture stores. The following tips will help you pick the perfect white shaker cabinet design. 

#1: Consider Cabinetry Material: The more durable the cabinetry material, the more durable the cabinets. Hence, cabinetry material should be your first consideration whenever you think of finding the best white shaker kitchen cabinets for sale. The good thing about shaker-styled cabinetry designs is that they mostly come in durable materials, with natural wood being the most common material.

#2: Consider Your Interior Design Choices/Wants: Apart from cabinetry material, you must consider your wants or desires in choosing a particular kitchen design. Knowing your design preferences can help you determine the type of white-colored shaker cabinets to go for, especially in terms of color and styling. 

#3: Consider the Cost of Purchasing and Installing Cabinets: The cost of purchasing and installing cabinets that match your pantry can also inform you about the shaker cabinet varieties you need to go for. Normally, the costs involved in purchasing and installing kitchen cabinets are determined by various factors, including cabinet size or layout, color and beautification fixtures etc. 

Final Thoughts

As favorite cabinet designs of many homeowners, white shaker kitchen cabinets arguably stand out as in-fashion cabinetry designs. Considering that they have been around since the 17th century, white-colored shaker cabinets boast an unending popularity. They are versatile, functional, and easier to use, facts that propelled them to the top of trending kitchen interior design fashion.