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New Trend of the Classic White Oak Kitchen Cabinets

If you are thinking of installing oak cabinets inside your kitchen but are afraid to go for them because you think they are off-trend, this article is for you. As many homeowners continue to draw inspiration from wood cabinets, we set to find out whether or not oak cabinets are trending. 

As expected, we discovered lots of amazing things about oak cabinets, especially the fact that they come in two distinct varieties. In this article, we have featured the most distinctive oak cabinet designs, white oak kitchen cabinets. 

Read on to explore everything you may want to know about white oak cabinets. 

Why White Oak Kitchen Cabinets?

As already stated, white oak kitchen cabinets are the most distinctive varieties of oak cabinetry design. They stand out from red oak cabinets, thanks to the following; 

  • Durability

Compared to many types of hardwood, white oak is stunningly durable and scratch-resistant. Cupboards constructed from white oak are less prone to suffering from incidences of impacts like sudden pushes and pulls. With unequaled quarter-sawn grain patterns, both traditional and modern-style varieties of white oak cabinets outperform lots of contemporary cabinetry designs, particularly in paint absorbance and dirt-resistant. 

  • Design Multiplicity

Whether they are traditional or modern-style, white oak kitchen cabinets can fit into any type of interior, provided you know how to work around them. Besides their capability to align with the visual aesthetics of all interior designs, white oak cabinet designs feature an array of cabinet layouts, shapes, colors, and ornamentation. Hence, from traditional to modern and contemporary designs, there are numerous options to choose from if you opt for white oak cabinets. 

  • Convenience

In terms of purchase, white oak cabinets are superbly convenient compared to other types of natural wood cabinets. For example, whereas the standard price of maple cabinets falls between $2500 and $600, white oak cabinets go at around $2000 to $500. On the other hand, unlike red oak cabinets, white oak kitchen cabinets can reflect light to make a kitchen light and lively. 

White oak cupboards are also easy to exploit in interior design for they rhyme well with several undertones and textures, as well as décor items, from traditional to contemporary fashion. You should, therefore, choose white oak cabinets if you want to get access to unperturbed convenience while remodeling your pantry. 

Are White Oak Kitchen Cabinets Trending? 

In 2023, white oak cabinets are leading the pack of topmost-trending wood-based drawer designs. 

Here are the reasons for the top place of white oak cabinets in contemporary interior design. 

  • The Rising Popularity of Natural Wood Cabinets

The more wood cabinets continue to garner reverence, thanks to their durability and environmental impact, the more you should expect the popularity of white oak cabinets to heighten. Why? Well, because they are wood-based, white oak kitchen cabinets come with a guarantee of durability, environmental-friendliness, and cost-effectiveness. 

  • Ease of Maintenance

The fact that white oak cabinets are easier to maintain is one sure reason why they are trending. With the constant hustle of contemporary living, lots of homeowners don’t wish to spend more time or even money on cleaning or redesigning their pantries. 

Consequently, many of them have decided to opt for white oak cabinets to evade regular cleaning and maintenance demands. For this reason, white oak cabinets continue to swiftly garner unquestionable popularity. 

  • The Functional Aspects of White Oak Cabinets

White oak kitchen cabinets are trending and are likely to continue doing so, thanks to their functional pros. Because they are compatible with both traditional and modern interior design aesthetics, they are, and will continue to be, attractions to homeowners from diverse walks of life. Because of their neutral-like appearance, oak cabinets are now featuring among the most notable options people are going for as far as instilling color contrast into interiors is concerned. 

How to Find White Oak Kitchen Cabinets

#1: Log in to Online Shopping Platforms

You can find white oak kitchen cabinets on any reputable e-commerce platform dealing with kitchen interior design décor materials. Nowadays, online shopping platforms sell varieties of kitchen cabinets, including white oak cabinets, in two distinct formats; fully-assembled and ready-to-assemble cabinet formats. 

#2: Visit Land-Based Furniture Showrooms

You can as well visit any brick-and-mortar or land-based interior design showrooms near you to get white oak cabinets. Just like online shopping platforms, land-based showrooms allow customers to review varieties of cabinetry designs before picking the designs that match their demands and tastes. 

#3: Talk to an Interior Design Professional

Based on the nature of their work, interior designers are more likely to know the best places to access white oak kitchen cabinets. If you liaise with any accredited professional interior designer, you can easily know what to look for when finding high-quality cabinets that can match your pantry. 

 What Can I Use In Place of White Oak Kitchen Cabinets?

In by any chance you fail to find white oak cabinets that suit your needs, there’s no need for you to be worried. Different cabinet designs can give you the service of white oak cabinets. 

They include the following. 

  • Red Oak Kitchen Cabinets: Whereas their color feature is starkly unlike that of white oak cupboards, red oak cupboards are as durable and functional as any other white oak cupboard design. 
  • Maple Kitchen Cabinets: Maple cabinets are another distinct variety of natural wood cabinets. Like white oak kitchen cabinets, they are strong, longer-lasting, visually attractive, and impressively functional. 
  • Hickory Cabinets: Constructed from a type of hardwood resistant to bending and impacts, hickory cabinets are the best you can go for if you must have the strength characteristics of white oak cabinets represented inside your pantry. 

Final Thoughts

There are different amazing things worth knowing about white oak kitchen cabinets. But the takeaway is that these drawers are currently the top cabinet trends and are perfect for any kitchen interior design. Whether you want to beautify your cookhouse from scratch or just want to renew its appearance, white oak cabinets should be in your budget.