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Must-Know Design Ideas about Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets

If you are attracted to cabinets made up of wood as the sole material, you probably want to discover many things about them. In this article, we will introduce you to the must-know things about natural wood kitchen cabinets

Simply continue reading to get acquainted with your favorite kitchen cabinet designs, including their different types, benefits, as well as proven strategies for leveraging them in interior design. 

About Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Generally speaking, cabinets crafted from wood are arguably underrated in terms of popularity. Even though they are the first types of cabinets man ever invented, they are at times taken to be less popular and valuable compared to cabinets engineered from man-made materials. 

As far as their popularity is concerned, natural wood kitchen cabinets stand out based on the following, not to mention their all-natural source. 

  • Functionality

With straight-grained grain patterning and coarse finishes, wood cabinets like oak, maple, and hickory cabinets are exceptional in terms of maintenance. They can resist smudges, spills and dust, and so, are somehow longer-lasting or durable. 

Besides the ease of maintaining them, natural wood kitchen cabinets are admirable from the perspective of the simplicity of styling them. Because of their higher potential to match the visual aesthetic properties of both traditional and modern-style interior designs, wood-based cabinets boast an expensive mark of practicability. 

  • Design Versatility

 Apart from their functional benefits, natural wood cabinets are popular for their design versatility. They exist in diverse shapes, colors, and layouts, as well as in terms of styling options. As you know, different types of hardwoods are used in the process of manufacturing cabinets. For this reason, there exist tens of different types of natural wood cabinets. 

But the following are the most prominent types of natural wood kitchen cabinets;

  • Maple Kitchen Cabinets: Named after the hardwood from which they are crafted, maple cabinets have featured among the most popular types of natural wood cabinets for ages. They are particularly wildly celebrated since they are unrivalled in terms of durability. 
  • Oak Kitchen Cabinets: Just like maple kitchen cabinets, oak cabinets are named after the hardwood from which they come; oak, which is a unique type widely regarded as visually seductive, thanks to its honey-color undertones. 

Cabinets made from oak are not only attractive in terms of visual appearance but also strength and resistance against tear and wear. Oak cabinets come in two major varieties; white and red oak, all of which are uniquely eye-catching and functional in their respects. 

  • Hickory Kitchen Cabinets: Although they are not as common as maple and oak cabinets, hickory cabinets are iconic types of natural wood kitchen cabinets. Cut from exceptionally strong hardwood species, hickory cabinets also boast durability as a defining attribute. 

5 Things Everyone Must Know About Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Now that you’ve unraveled the popularity of natural wood cabinets, you are good to go as far as knowing the most noteworthy things about them, is concerned. 

Here’s an explanation of the things you must know about natural wood kitchen cabinets. 

  • Natural Wood Cabinets are Presently Trending

Thanks to the return of wood-based materials to the modern world of interior design, natural wood cabinets are presently enjoying a renewed lease of life. Now that they are among the top cabinet trends, these drawers are now being searched by almost everyone. 

Interestingly, cabinet manufacturers have seemingly decided that they will not rest for as long as homeowners don’t get enough from wood-based cabinets. This is because they are unleashing amazing newer natural wood cupboard designs in unimaginable numbers every day. 

  • Natural Wood Cabinets Boast the Most Impressive Resale Value

Considering that they are remarkable in terms of strength and durability, natural wood kitchen cabinets, both vintage and modern-looking, definitely have outstanding resale values compared to different types of cabinets. 

For example, if you buy them today and decide to resell them later, say after ten years, you will be surprised by the amount of money you will acquire from them. If you are luckier, you can even earn more than half the money you spent in buying them. This is especially true if you take good care of them. 

  • Natural Wood Cabinets are Compatible with Multiple Interior Designs

Among the notable worth-knowing facts about natural wood kitchen cabinets, is the proven assumption that they can match all interior designs. As we already observed, these drawers can perfectly match both rustic and contemporary interior design aesthetic properties. 

Hence, whether you choose to fix them in an old-school-looking or modern kitchen interior, you can be certain that they will help you achieve the overall outlook you want the interior to project. 

  • Natural Wood Cabinets are the Easiest Cabinets to Find

From oak to maple, hickory, mahogany, and cherry cabinets, all-natural wood kitchen cabinet varieties are effortless or convenient to find. Considering how their defining materials are more often readily available, wood-based cabinets are generally produced in masses, which is why they are especially common and so, easier to access. 

Where to Find Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets

#1: Online Shopping Platforms

With multiple internet-based shopping platforms now dealing with all kinds of kitchen interior décor materials, you should never doubt finding wood-based cabinets on some of these sites. On the majority of these platforms, you will likely be allowed to not only window-shop but also decide the format you want the drawers to be delivered to you in case you buy them. 

#2: Brick-and-Mortar Showrooms

Land-based furniture showrooms are also prominent places worth paying a visit in your search for the natural wood kitchen cabinets of your choice. Just like on internet-based showrooms, you can window-shop at any brick-and-mortar furniture store while taking note of cabinet designs that seem attractive to you. 


Generally speaking, there are countless numbers of things worth knowing about natural wood kitchen cabinets that we cannot talk about in a single review article. But the most important things you need to know about these drawers have been explained well in this article. Therefore, take advantage of everything you’ve learned about wood-based cabinets and start planning to make them the hallmark interior design features of your pantry.