Kitchen Design

How to Spruce Up Your Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinet designs in the present day are sleek, attractive, and functional. Natural wood kitchen cabinets might wear out over time, necessitating a refresh of the space. When adequate planning is used, this can be a reasonably simple and inexpensive undertaking. Kitchens have become popular gathering places in the home, making coziness a vital factor. Here’s how to give your natural wood kitchen cabinets a new look by sprucing them up.

Painting your cabinets

This is by far one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways of adding a fresh touch to your kitchen cabinets. Painting or refinishing your cabinets not only keeps them fresh but also puts them in perfect condition. However, if the cabinets are worn out, then you may need to restructure them or repair them before adding a fresh coat of paint or finish. Remodeling your cabinets in this manner can add a deep personality to your kitchen space. One has to be careful when blending colors in the room so that a perfect color scheme is achieved.

Adding new hardware

Hardware is an important element and one of the simple ways of designing your kitchen to get a modern look is to install new hardware which can give your cabinets a new look. Updating your hardware such as knobs, handles, and drawer pulls may give the kitchen space a complete overhaul. This is another simple way of upgrading the design of your kitchen. The key consideration is to update hardware that blends well with your  natural wood kitchen cabinets.

Install under-cabinet lighting

Functionality and style can be added to the kitchen space through the installation of under-cabinet lighting which can help illuminate the countertops, creating a more inviting atmosphere. Light is an important element that should be prioritized when designing or sprucing up your kitchen space. The modern cabinets can be fitted with lights beneath them in an artistic manner. This will create a warm mood which is vital for social setup.

Add open shelving

Redesigning kitchen cabinets can be an expensive task. Instead of constructing new cabinets, you can creatively work on the existing structure to make it modern. For instance, if the doors to your cabinets are worn out, you may consider removing them to pave way for open shelving. A touch of style can be added to the finished plan and this can be a great way to display your kitchenware and other accessories. Open shelve is a modern way of adding class to your kitchen. When your natural wood kitchen cabinets are intact and fresh in nature, you may consider having additional floating shelves with decorative elements for a more versatile touch.

Replace your cabinet doors

Transforming your kitchen may involve the replacement of cabinet doors which can be a little bit expensive compared to other available options but it will provide a sleek and fresh look to your kitchen cabinets. Your cabinet doors may vary in color or material which is a perfect way of incorporating variety artistically. The color combination can also be varied on different sections of the modern kitchen cabinets to bring up a fashionable and well-blended scheme. This will contribute to the overall design of the kitchen space.

Install glass doors

If you want to add a touch of elegance to your natural wood kitchen cabinets, consider installing glass doors. This will allow you to showcase your favorite dishes and kitchenware, while also creating a more open and inviting atmosphere in your kitchen. Just like having open shelves, but with a touch of class, the installation of glass doors has proven to make modern kitchen cabinets timeless. This style can never go out of fashion and it allows the use of a variety of glass materials in a very cost-effective manner.

Add a backsplash

A brand-new backsplash can completely transform the appearance of your natural wood kitchen cabinets. When you choose a colorful tile or a sleek modern subway tile, you will add a perfect modern look to the kitchen space. Style and functionality can be achieved in this manner and your walls will have a timeless appeal since they will be protected against splatters and spills that are bound to cause an irritating stain.

Install crown molding

Crown molding is a great way to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your natural wood kitchen cabinets. Installing these moldings at the top of your cabinets will give them a fashionable finish. This classic touch may take the rustic appeal when varied materials are put into use.

Reface your cabinets

Kitchen cabinets can also be refaced in a way that a completely new look is created. You can add a thin layer of wood veneer or lamination of the existing cabinet can create an elegant touch making the natural wood kitchen cabinets appear classy. Material use and color blending can make the kitchen cabinets pop out specially by creating a focal point in the kitchen space.

Add accessories

You need to consider adding decorative elements to your kitchen cabinets, to add character to your space. This will make your kitchen to become personalized and unique. Artistic decorative elements such as corbels, trim, decorative brackets, and potted flowers or herbs bring out an aesthetic highlight that is hard to go unnoticed. Accessories can spice up the kitchen space without you having to break the bank. This less expensive method can transform your kitchen space into a modern and timeless room that has  comfort.

In summary, sprucing up your natural wood kitchen cabinets is a relatively simple and cost-effective project that can completely change the look of your space. We can call it a facelift aimed at making the kitchen space cozy. 

There are many different ways to update your cabinets, from painting them to installing new hardware or adding a backsplash.

A handful of simple upgrades can breathe new life into your kitchen cabinets and give you the perfect look that you’ve always wanted.