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How to Decorate Like an Adult

In your twenties, you experience lots of firsts in your life. Things like your first job, your first apartment, and more, you will go through a rough patch of trial and error throughout your twenties. And it is acceptable; how else could you learn from your mistakes? Needless to say, your twenties mistakes can make their way into your home décor. Of course, we don’t mean to be judgmental.

And now comes your thirties, we are sure by this time you are hitching to make some serious changes in home décor. Unlike what you liked during your college days, they now become “what was I thinking!”. The first thing you need to do is discard all those sneaky items that made their way into your home décor.

Here are design expert advises that might see you through when you decide to toss those decorative woes you brought forward to help you out.

Discard what you don’t love anymore

Be it furniture, pieces of art, be purposeful when choosing components for your space. Your space at this age won’t condone free furniture and stuff from friends and relatives. Maybe it’s your turn to hand-down your freebies too. Even if it means investing in what you love, don’t hesitate, and the best thing to do is research and read online shopping reviews from trusted review sites like ReviewsBird. It provides an opportunity for you to whittle down to the best and honest vendors for the best deals and avoid ripping off. Here you will analyze prices against quality and be lucky to get the value for your investment.

Hand-down posters and invest in framed pieces of art.

In your twenties, maybe it was convenient to invest in decorative poster arts, but now you are going into permanent apartments, it’s time to rethink. Invest in permanent pieces of art like framed art to give taste to those walls. Unlike your twenties, you are now blessed and have got savings to spend. Go for purposeful and intentional decorative pieces for your walls. Or either pick up small pieces from local markets and frame them with standard size frames. Create your gallery and fill it with framed prints, photos, and mementoes.

Renew outdated lighting fixtures

During your twenties, you will find yourself hopping from one place to another in search of greener pastures or whatever it is you are looking for. And it is a good part of a hassle; you can’t invest in permanent fixtures because you don’t know when to call a quit. But in your thirties, you are a bit permanent in your apartment, and it is right to invest in more transformative lighting fixtures and have an excellent electrician to fix them too.

Rid of the door mirrors

During your college days, you get used to door mirrors, and this habit could easily sneak into your adulthood. Please get rid of them and invest in a better mirror. Look for a full-length mirror that could make a statement as a decorative piece on its own.

Say goodbye to futons

We understand you need extra space for your friends when they are in town, but you can invest in a more sophisticated couch or sofas for your room. Don’t worry; it can still serve the same purpose for your visiting friends.