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How to Choose Interior Doors for Your Place

The choice of interior doors is one of the most important steps when choosing how to decorate your new apartment / house or how to renovate it. The choice does not only concern the colour or the model of the door, but rather goes much deeper: it is a matter of space, destination and above all personality. 

New interior doors can transform the look of your home. They reflect the personality of those living in the house and possibly transform the overall atmosphere. Choosing your internal doors is not a joke, that’s a matter of style.

Choose internal doors that well fit the style of your place 

First of all, when looking for new internal doors you must consider the style of your house or apartment, or, why not, even your working space. Are we talking about a strong and fierce wood environment or is it more a clean and elegant modern space? Is your home pretty traditional or does it hide some quirks?

An internal door can either perfectly complete a style or give it an unexpected twist. Up to you if you want to keep it consistent or shake things up a bit.

You can either consider the most typical door styles like hinged doors, pocket doors, barn doors, French doors, sliding doors etc, or just go for something unexpected and never seen before.

There is no right or wrong, the choice is only yours. 

Which is the best material for your doors? 

The truth is, it depends. If you already have a material preference in your home, like for example wood or glass, this is an easy topic. You will just choose the same for your internal doors.

But if your place is a mix of materials and styles, you may find yourself torn over the decision: there are so many options available! You can have for example wooden or timber doors, glass doors, steel doors, PVC doors, fiberglass or aluminium glazed doors… There are so many options!

Well, it all depends on your taste preference and budget or… need.

If you need privacy and tranquillity in fact, maybe for your studio or kids’ room, you may want to consider insulating or soundproof doors. No noise in here, please! 

High quality expensive doors VS stylish cheap doors 

Budget is no thing to overlook. It does indeed play a role in what doors we choose for our homes. Nevertheless, the choice also depends on the needs we have for the place we are decorating.

If we talk about the house of our whole life, our dream home, the place we get a mortgage for, then probably we will be looking for something high quality that lasts in time. We do not want something cheap that must be changed after a few years. And for high quality nothing is better than Made in Italy products. Italian doors are the best on the market if what you want is a valuable and beautiful product, nothing beats the Bel Paese creativity and craft.  

But if maybe we are choosing doors for a rental apartment we own, or for a house we know we won’t be staying in for too long, expensive high quality products may not be our first option. Imagine having tenants that ruin your furniture all the time and needing to replace things quite often. In this case probably you would be looking more for something catchy to the eye but cheaper, something following the trend of the moment.

So try to think of the destination of the doors you want to buy and start from there, it will be easier to evaluate options. 

A colour for each personality 

Doors in a house are the mirror of your soul, and nothing best reflects your personality than colours. Of course you should choose something that well fits the general environment, but also something that feels like YOU or the scope of the space you are decorating. 

White doors are perfect for classy and elegant spaces, like big city apartments, brown doors for traditional environments, green and blue ones for relaxed and tranquil spaces like medical studios; red and yellow for creative and unconventional locations, maybe the loft of an artist. 

Remember: when you select the interior doors for your home, you don’t have to choose the exact same door for every room, you can elegantly combine different doors that are either the same colour, finish or general style to ensure consistency and cohesion. 

And your internal doors don’t have to match your front door as well! They absolutely can, but whether you want them to is entirely a personal decision. Either way can be equally striking and work perfectly for your internal and external design. 

Feel free to use your creative side and gut feeling, the final result will be astonishing no matter what!