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Find Out Which Models Are Hot for Kitchen Tile

Kitchen tile find out which models are hot

Tile is a perfect choice to decorate kitchen walls, after all, it contributes to the aesthetics and gives a touch of personality to space. With different colours, prints, sizes and formats, the material sets trends and innovates any project.

Although it is an ancient type of flooring, tile remains the “darling” of many architects. This season, it has several revamped versions, which combine with a more modern and creative decor style.

Tiles are used to line different areas of the kitchen, especially the backsplash. For those who don’t know, this term is used to define the space that exists between the kitchen countertop and the upper cabinets. There are options for all tastes – from classic hydraulic tiles to ultra-modern hexagonal tiles.

Kitchen Tile and Flooring Trends

Coatings can play a leading role in kitchen decor. See below for the main trends in tiles and other types of wall coverings in this room:

New formats

New formats 1

New formats 2

New formats 3

New formats 4

New formats 5

New formats 6

New formats 7

Forget the popular square tiles. Ceramic brands are betting on new formats to win consumer preference, such as hexagonal, circular and even triangular pieces. In many projects, the coating is able to convey good humour and relaxation.


Geometry 1

Geometry 2

Geometry 3

Geometry 4

The geometry in the decoration is here to stay and is present in every room in the house. In the kitchen, it’s the tiles with geometric patterns that are a hit. The ceramic pieces are decorated with incredible graphics, such as triangles and lines that complete each other in a beautiful composition.

Hydraulic tile

Hydraulic tile 1

Hydraulic tile 2

Hydraulic tile 3

Hydraulic tile 4

Hydraulic tile, also known as coloured tile, is a perfect choice for those who want to give a retro touch to the decor. He manages to make the environment more daring, charming and full of personality. The pieces are often used to create mosaics and panels in the kitchen.

Moroccan tiles

Moroccan tiles 1

Moroccan tiles 2

Moroccan tiles 3

Moroccan tiles 4

Moroccan tiles 5

Moroccan tiles 6

Moroccan tiles 7

The Moroccan-style tile, also called Zellige, has gained prominence in recent years. It is successful with its diverse colours and irregularities.

Subway Tiles

Subway Tiles 1

Subway Tiles 1

Subway Tiles 3

Subway Tiles 4

Subway Tiles 5

Subway Tiles 6

Subway Tiles 7

This type of coating is inspired by the tiles that cover the walls of subway stations in New York and Paris. It has a retro look and at the same time modern, creating a “charming white brick” effect in space’s decor.

Subway tiles, when used well in kitchen design, give a classic and light feel. They are often found in white colour, but they also have coloured and black versions.

Fish scale

Fish scale 1

Fish scale 2

The “fish scale” type tile is very successful abroad, with its wavy and dynamic shape. The pieces serve to create a relaxed and modern composition on the kitchen wall. It is, therefore, a perfect choice for those who are not afraid to dare.


Herringbone 1

Herringbone 2

This type of coating bets on the combination of several rectangles, which follow the herringbone pattern. The way the pieces are installed on the wall makes the room louder.

Small parts

Small parts 1

Small parts 2

Small parts 3

The very small pieces are used to cover the kitchen walls, leaving the rooms with an elegant and, at the same time, modern appearance. You can find them in different formats, such as rectangular and hexagonal.

White tiles

White tiles 1

White tiles 2

The white tiles, without any type of print, are perfect for covering a Scandinavian kitchen or with a clean style. Square and rectangular pieces are the most used in the decor. When working with light colours in the flooring, a feeling of spaciousness is created, perfect for small kitchens.

Large formats

Large formats

In a more rustic and industrial-style kitchen, it is worth working with large tiles that mimic the appearance of concrete and incorporate the charm of the gray colour.

Black tile

Black tile

Black tile 1

Black tile 3

Black tile 4

The black kitchen is synonymous with modernity and boldness. If you don’t want to bet on “ total black ” furniture, it’s worth adding this colour to the coating. Black tile has the power to make the room look sophisticated and at the same time dramatic.

Pink tiles

Pink tiles 1

Pink tiles 2

To create a more romantic and feminine kitchen, the tip is to use pink tiles in the vertical covering. It’s a slightly different choice, but one that harmonizes with other tones in the decor, such as black, gray, terracotta and copper.

Grout with different colour

grout with different color

Innovating in grout colour can be a good idea. You make the kitchen wall a standout element in the project.


Monochrome 1

If you want to work the monochrome effect on the kitchen wall, the tip is to bet on tiles in shades of black and white. The B&W combination is among the trends of the moment and guarantees a special touch to the decor.

Tips on how to choose the ideal coating for the kitchen

There are many options for kitchen flooring, so it’s important to consider some tips to make the right choice. Check out:

  • Understand the needs of the environment

The kitchen is a room with constant movement, humidity and steam, so the chosen flooring needs to be resistant and functional. The most appropriate pieces for the conditions of this environment are ceramic and porcelain tiles, as they are durable, functional and sustainable.

  • Define the colours and textures

To end the monotony of a white kitchen, bet on colourful and patterned tiles. If the objective is to expand the feeling of spaces, pieces with light and neutral tones are more appropriate.

Dark tiles reduce the feeling of space and require adequate lighting, so they must be used with care.

As far as texture is concerned, there are tile models with gloss, matte and even 3D effect. The choice depends on the style of the kitchen.

  • Match the finishes

The pieces that line the kitchen wall and floor do not necessarily have to be the same, but they should talk to each other. Look for a visual balance when designing.

  • Think about the application

To obtain a perfect coating result, it is necessary to get the application right. This step involves choosing the grout, the design and the type of paging. If in doubt, ask an architect for help.

  • Respect the conceptual line

Follow the predominant style in the decor when choosing flooring, furniture, appliances and utensils.