Easy Ideas and Steps to Keep the House Clean

Staying at home IS a MUST! And in times of seclusion, due to COVID-19, also known as Corona Virus, it is necessary to keep the house clean and healthy for our families! Check out our tips to keep a clean house organized through small changes in habits that will allow everything to be in its proper place. See the eight steps practiced by people who manage to keep their homes clean and incorporate these habits into your routine to save the environment organized and clean.

Don’t accumulate

Some people keep everything, gift flyers, old magazines, ice cream jars, empty perfume bottles, shoe boxes, gifts, and so many other things that end up getting in the way and cluttering up the house. Get rid of what can be dispensed so that your home is tidier and easier to clean.

Used, saved

When using any object, such as a book to read, keep it in its place after use, leaving it on a piece of furniture to store later becomes a bad habit, and when we realize it, everything is out of business.

Dirty, cleaned

Whenever you use utensils, appliances, tools, or other items, clean the dirt left behind. If a crumb falls, a footprint appears, or handprints appear on surfaces, clean! So the soil does not accumulate.

Everything in its place

For everything to be organized, everything needs to have its place. Dirty clothes, draft papers, documents, small objects, utensils, keys, and everything else should have their place in the house.

Dishes always clean

When using any kitchen utensil, wash immediately after use or as soon as possible. It will be more practical to wash what has been used than to let it accumulate for later. Before bed, wash the dishes or put them in the dishwasher.

Clean the kitchen after use

After preparing a snack or meal, wash the dishes and clean the kitchen, removing any dirt that may have been left on the sink, countertops, and on the stove. If you notice crumbs on the floor, sweep or wipe with a damp cloth and keep everything clean and tidy.

Leave as found

Essential to keep any room in the house clean and organized is to keep in mind that you should leave it as you found it or even better before leaving the place. By following this rule, you will always keep everything organized. After using a pillow:

  1. Could you put it in its usual position?
  2. If you use the bathroom, leave it as perfect as before.
  3. If you work in the kitchen, don’t leave any traces there so that nothing will be dirty or out of place.

Tidy up every day

Many times, even following these organization rules, something may be out of place so that nothing accumulates, inspect every room in the house every day, and put whatever is in the way. Even if it’s paper, a pen, or a paperclip, don’t leave it out of place because one mess leads to another and when we see everything is a mess.

Keeping the house clean requires discipline and organization. It’s not a difficult task, but you need to be aware of your habits and scare away your laziness, never leaving things for later. Passing the instructions on to other people who live in the house will also help maintain the cleanliness.

Remember to enjoy the house with your family. After all, you need to keep everything clean and organized to provide a healthy and happy environment for everyone!

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