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Avoiding Problems with Your Foundation

When you own a home, you must remain vigilant about foundation maintenance. Movement of the foundation happens naturally over time, however, you can minimize the damage. Pay attention to small changes in your home so you can call for repairs before problems progress. You can also take steps to prevent damage by taking good care of your land and calling for timely repairs. 

Proper Landscaping 

When you first move into your home, take notice of the trees and plants. Large trees should not remain close to the home. The roots can cause serious foundation problems. You can get help from a landscaping company to make your yard beautiful without disrupting the foundation. If trees already exist near your home, you may need to have them removed. Ideally, you should place trees about 15-20 feet away from your home. If you prefer to have luxurious flower beds near your home, research appropriate care, and provide the right amount of moisture. A professional landscaper can help you choose the best plants for your home and climate. 

Yard Maintenance

Improper yard maintenance can contribute to foundation problems. Take the time to learn about proper yard care. Extreme wet or dry conditions can cause your foundation to shift. You must keep the yard properly hydrated and compensate more during dry seasons. Many homeowners use in-ground sprinkler systems to keep large yards watered well. Many of these systems have timers so you do not miss any daily watering sessions. 

Call for Immediate Repairs

Do not wait long to call for a professional inspection if you notice signs of damage to your home, look for reputable foundation repair Michigan. Call for a foundation inspection if you notice damage to your walls, floors, or door frames. You may also see cracks on the sidewalks or in your driveway. If you get a repair done early, you may keep the damage from progressing. This can help you save money and keep your home in good condition. 

Pay Attention to Your Home

Many people fail to call for help when damage remains minimal in the home. You may not understand the implications of certain changes. Learn to recognize the small signs of foundation problems. Most homeowners begin to notice cracks in the walls or floors. Doors in the home may also begin to stick when you open or close them. Standing water can also represent foundation or drainage changes. 

You can avoid extensive foundation damage by taking good care of your home and yard. The soil around your home settles over time. While you cannot avoid this completely, you can minimize the damage it causes. If you notice changes to your walls or floors, call for a foundation inspection immediately. A quick repair can halt damage to your home. You can also prevent foundation problems by taking good care of the soil around your home. Plant trees 15-20 feet from your house and water the yard regularly. You must avoid excessive moisture or dryness. Standing water may indicate a drainage problem or a foundation problem. Remain vigilant with your yard care to avoid severe foundation damage.