Kids Room Design

5 Things Your Teenage Den Needs

Teenagers are great, but they are not great when you have to spend regular nights with their friends around the house or they take up hours on the TV playing video games.

Providing a space for your teens to get away and be teenagers is a good option for families who have the extra space, and it can be a huge bonus for your home too.

Here are five things that every teenage den needs to keep the peace at home.

Flexible Seating Options

If you want your teens to have their own space away from you to entertain their friends and enjoy some time with them without getting under your feet, you need to make sure your teen den has plenty of flexible seating to suit every eventuality.

That means investing in furniture such as a Murphy bed, a stylish modular sofa, or even big beanbags to allow things to change on a whim depending on what they are doing and who is around your house at the time. 

A Spare Bed

Speaking of a Murphy bed, it is a great option to provide some extra sleeping and crash space for your teens in your teenage den space.

There are lots of modern options for spare beds that are not likely to break the bank, and these include the traditional inflatable beds or camp beds, more comfortable Z-beds, and even sofa beds that can be pulled out easily to allow friends over.

If you are putting a bed or two in your teenage den, make sure bed linen and blankets are easy to find and that you have had a conversation with your teen or teens about house rules and expectations for their guests.

Plenty Of Outlets

Kids love their tech, that is just a given fact, so providing plenty of high-quality outlets is a must.

If you are not careful, your teen and their mates are likely to get inventive with outlets and could pose a fire risk by using inappropriate extensions for the outlets.

Get a few extra outlets installed by a professional electrician, just to be on the safe side.

Good WiFi Signal

Along with the outlets for their hundreds of devices, your teenage den will need to have a decent wifi signal.

Sure, you can pretend to yourself that the signal is needed so that they can do their homework in peace, but in reality, this is a great place for teens to hang out, spend time with their friends online, and perhaps pick up their schoolwork too.

As with most of these options, a conversation about responsibilities, limits, and expectations should be had with your teen before making sure they have everything their heart desires in their den!

A Snacks Fridge

While providing a snack fridge for your teens in their den is not a necessity by any means, it can save you the problem of a gaggle of rowdy teens raiding your fridge whenever they feel like it.

Providing a small under-the-counter fridge to store drinks and cold snacks is a great way to also provide a balance of healthy as well as treat snacks to your teens and their friends whilst regulating their intake.