Christmas Decorations

4 Stylish Tips for a Christmas Bedroom Makeover

It’s that time of the year when your house transforms into a home. You don’t want to leave your warm and cozy bed draped in a blanket or an oversized sweater that says “Merry Christmas!”. Winter is just around the corner, and it will be as magical as always. Get in the holiday spirit by adding a perfect winter touch to your bedroom. Here are our four tips on how to turn your basic bedroom into a festive sanctuary.

Turn on the Lights

The first thing that pops to your mind when someone mentions holidays, are definitely lights. They immediately lift your spirit and put you in a festive mood. If you think putting the lights up is a bit too much, you can light some candles that instantly make the atmosphere cozier. These are some simple Christmas finishing touches which make a big difference, especially if you have children who still believe in Santa and enjoy gazing at colorful Christmas decoration. There is no need to decorate the entire room with lights, but simply hanging them around the shelf or on one side of the wall will do the trick.

Style Your Bed

Your bed is the central feature of the bedroom. Therefore, special attention has to be paid to its style. For an elegant yet modern look, silk pillowcase and velvet blankets are the combination that looks fashionable, but keeps you warm in the winter nights. Make sure their colour matches the room’s aesthetics. An oversized throw pillow works best as a statement piece on your bed. If you want it to be more fun, you can choose a festive pillowcase which shows off your quirky side. Great thing about pillows is that you can use them all year round, not only for Christmas, by simply changing their covers. A piece of decor advice is that pillows are a great investment that provide feeling of coziness in the room.

Decorate in Christmas Spirit

Even a small ornament or a Christmas sock can make your bedroom pop. If you decide that you only need one Christmas tree in your living room, you can add some sparkle to your bedroom with the aid of Christmas decoration. Details such as a gift box placed in the corner of the room, or a glass snowball on the bedside table is enough if you are not a fan of over-the-top decoration. One small detail that evokes the feeling of Christmas is what a minimalist person needs to prove that holidays are the best occasion to be festive and playful. Of course, Christmas tradition isn’t only about decoration, but also about forgiveness and sharing with our loved ones.

What Is Christmas without a Tree?

If you want to go all out, putting up a big Christmas tree is the right way to go. Living room isn’t the only place where you can show off your holiday magic. Choose a theme for your tree and a color scheme which will complement the rest of the room. It isn’t unusual to see two Christmas trees in the house – one is usually traditional and more simple and the other one is a design feature. Think outside the box and choose a bold colour scheme such as purple, turquoise or mint green. Furthermore, you can decorate the tree with wide ribbons and poinsettias which make it look fuller and more grandiose. Only a few ornaments are necessary to complete the look, since the rest of the decoration is already eye-catching.

It is hard to decorate a bedroom, let alone decorate it for Christmas. If you don’t have enough time to think long and hard about decorating your bedroom, follow these simple tips to enliven your bedroom with some Christmas magic. Are you a minimalist type or the type that will even decorate the bathroom? Tell us all about it in the comment section below.