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35+ Ideas for You to Set Up Your Space in Study Corner

Study Corner

During entrance exams, college or even high school, it is common to have a lot of content to study. So why not set up a place especially for this? Learn how to set up an attractive study corner that doesn’t weigh on your pocket.

Learn the parameters to organize this space and see tips for having an amazing decoration. Therefore, accompany 30 study corner models for you to reproduce at home.

30 study corner models for you to be inspired

Check out these study corner inspirations. Write down the details you liked the most and put them into practice. You’ll see how easy it is to replicate these ideas, even with items you already have at home.

1. Total white

1. Total white

A white environment amplifies the brightness as well as helping to focus. Therefore, this tone is great for a more clean study corner.

2. Dots and rose

2. Dots and rose

To break the monochromatic tone, the polka dot print is ideal. With this extra touch and pink details, this study corner was very charming.

3. Red and blue

3. Red and blue

Using a predominantly warm colour helps keep the animation for studying. An extra tip is to balance it with cool colours, like this blue.

4. Green-water

4- Green-water

This aqua-green and gray palette offer more tranquillity to space. So it will be perfect for studying for a long time.

5. Touch lilac

5- Touch lilac

Lilac is a cool tone that looks great in a study space. Another tip is to place niches on the wall to support the books.

6. Study room

6- Study room

One of the best places to set up a study area is in the bedroom. That way, it will be easier to guarantee silence at that time.

7. Vibrant colour

7- Vibrant colour

A brighter colour, like orange, encourages creativity and action. Therefore, discouragement will pass away from this corner.

8. Simple and basic

8- Simple and basic

Who says your study space needs to have multiple elements? A minimalist desk is perfect for focusing on studies or work.

9. Outstanding personality

9- Outstanding personality

For you to feel good in this space, it needs to have your personality. To decorate the way you like.

10. Home office

10- Home office

If you want, you can set up your little corner in office style. Just have space available for that.

11. Delicate details

11- Delicate details

The charm of your space is in the details. So, put a motivating phrase, photos of happy moments and a special decoration.

12. Do It Yourself

12- Do It Yourself

Don’t have a space to put your desk? So, how about doing a project like this. For sure, your study corner will be unique.

13. wooden table

13- wooden table

A raw wood table looks very stylish in your study area. Remember to choose a comfortable chair too.

14. Special frames

14- Special frames


The paintings can be placed on a shelf in the study corner. Its function is to offer more style and leave the environment pleasant.

15. Decorative objects

15- Decorative objects

The objects for decoration create an extra touch for the study corner. So, how about innovating with a rabbit-shaped lamp or a coral lamp?

16. nice light

16- nice light

Choose a part of your home that has good lighting. Natural light is best, but you can compensate with artificial lighting.

17. Corner in the room

17- Corner in the room

Your study area can be anywhere in the house. So, if you want inspiration for the room, this idea is perfect.

18. Many colours

18- Many colours

To make your study corner more cheerful, you can invest in a colourful palette. Then spread the colours in drawers, armchairs and pictures.

19. Direct lighting

19- Direct lighting

Take advantage of a window or door to set up the corner. Direct lighting helps make space brighter, as well as providing a landscape to relax in.

20. Small house

20- Small house

A small space may also have study corners. This example shows how to leverage space.

21. Giant Calendar

21- Giant Calendar

If you have to follow a study schedule, there’s nothing better than putting together a giant calendar. This will make it easier to organize the materials.

22. Rustic space

22- Rustic space

White goes well with a more rustic decor. Adopting this style will make your study corner more interesting.

23. Ergonomic chair

23- Ergonomic chair

If you spend many hours studying, invest in a chair that will accommodate your spine. This care prevents neck and back pain later on.

24. Happy prints

24- Happy prints

The prints bring more life to the study corner. So, you can take advantage of this idea. Just avoid using it in excess, so as not to have visual pollution.

25. Useful objects

25- Useful objects

In addition to the aesthetic part, remember to leave really useful objects on your table. That way you’ll have the books and notebooks you’re using close at hand.

26. Greenspace

26- Greenspace

Plants help to make the environment more welcoming. Therefore, leave at least one vase with succulents near your study area.

27. Inspiring panels

27- Inspiring panels

Having signs and billboards is a way to post messages for the day or even reminders for the week. Bet on this idea!

28. Rose gold

28- Rose gold

Rose gold is a widely used colour for interior design. So, if you like that tone, use it in your study corner.

29. Colored pens

29- Colored pens

Pens and highlighters are very useful when studying. They help create a visual pattern that helps memorize the content. So keep them close.

30. Details in blue

30- Details in blue

Choose objects in blue and spread them out across your study area. This trick will make the corner even more beautiful.

31. Comfortable floor

31 - Comfortable floor

The study corner asks for a comfortable floor. Choose the material with fun and learning in mind.

32. Corridor

32 – Corridor

A study room set up in the hallway: the perfect solution for modern teenagers.

33. Under the bed

33 – Under the bed

Those who have little space in the room can use a double-decker bed and a study desk.

34. Under the stairs

34 – Under the stairs

Do you know the free space under the stairs? It can be turned into a lovely study corner. Choose compact furniture and use the wall well.

35. Wooden Boxes

35 – Wooden Boxes

In this project, wooden boxes were customized and assumed the function of shelves. It’s a great storage option in the study area.

36. Closet

36 - Closet

The antique cabinet, which is not being used, can be transformed into a charming study environment. So space doesn’t get dark, invest in a table lamp.

37. Corner for two residents

37 – Corner for two residents

Children need an environment to do their homework and study for the entrance exam. How about this room with a study corner for two?

38. Bohemian style

38 – Bohemian style

Super stylish bohemian decor, with handcrafted items, plants & a patterned rug.

With these tips and inspirations, you’ll create an amazing study corner. So, see the colours and ideas that best suit your style and make a comfortable space to study. Did you like the article? So share with friends.