Bathroom Design

27 Trendy and Modern Bathrooms Designs for You

We show you a series of photos of current trends in modern bathroom designs and many ideas that can serve as inspiration to build or decorate your bathroom. A modern decoration is essential, in a house with a comfortable and contemporary design, so today we present some of the main trends for 2022 in these characteristics.

One of the main things to take into account when it comes to achieving a modern look in the bathroom is to play with soft tones, with natural materials and with decorative details typical of modern decoration.

Colors for modern bathrooms

1- Black and white

The bathroom doesn’t have to be large to look modern. In this case, using black and white has achieved a very contemporary design in a relatively small space.

The black color can only be used in some decorative details.

2- Dark gray

The white color in the bathrooms achieves a timeless and classic design, but for those who are interested in achieving something with more character, gray tiles are the perfect choice.

If you are looking for a striking contrast, instead of the classic neutral colors, dark gray is a good option for a single wall, as a contrast to the rest of the white bathroom.

The dark gray color in the bathrooms also gives them a very modern and contemporary look. You can light it up with soft neutral colors, like gray or white.

The bathroom is a hub of activity in any home. The bathroom is the place to enjoy a bit of tranquility as we prepare in the morning to start the day, and to end an arduous day at night. Neutral colors, like gray, bring a lot of calm.

3- Beige

Some of the colors that most impose presence in these spaces are earthy ones, which are sometimes aptly combined with the so pure and versatile white color.

Pale shades of sand, gold, silver, ivory, brown, white and cream are undoubtedly the ones that best complement the decoration of modern bathrooms, since they provide softness and warmth to a space as intimate as the bathroom.

The shades of beige stand out, which look very elegant combined with wood, glass, stone and shiny metal.

4- Striking color accents

Another good idea is to color the back wall of the sink.

One of the colors that looks great in a bathroom is green. Provides a lot of freshness and a feeling of cleanliness. Green is beautiful in all its shades, be it emerald green or sage green. And as you can see in the images, both make up really elegant and cozy environments.

Being one of the colors with more tones and that each one is especially flattering, you can use either a vibrant green or a pastel green. It lends itself well to combine with neutral colors such as white, gray or brown.

Orange can be combined with any neutral shade.

However, if you prefer to create accents with a more striking color, you can incorporate some notes of vibrant yellow, since they are tones full of energy and vitality.

Adding touches of color to the bathrooms is one of the options to make them look modern and contemporary, in this case the color blue was used in the closet under the sink.

5- Gold or silver

To add a more sophisticated and artistic touch, metal accessories can be used.

The support under the counter can also be made of metal. This is one of the most interesting current offers.

The metallic sheen accentuates the sculptural surface of the accessories, where lines, angles and curves are enhanced.

Materials in modern bathrooms

Wood, glass, metal and stone are the most used materials in modern spaces. The wooden and natural stone tubs stand out. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are popular for showers and floors. The new designs opt for various geometric, monochrome or multicolored patterns, and even patchwork patterns.

6- Wood

Provides a warm and natural atmosphere to the room by integrating it into custom-made storage furniture. Wood combined with white, gray or black can recreate a Scandinavian look with clean design and elegant contrast.

And why not a wooden floor? Combined with a modern bathroom, wood brings a more classic side to the decor by balancing opposing styles. A multitude of types and finishes are available to suit everyone’s taste.

Contrary to what one might think, this material breathes very well and naturally absorbs moisture, making it a very popular choice for the bathroom. However, it is necessary to eliminate the accumulation of water at the exit of the shower to avoid its long-term deterioration.

7- Natural stone

Natural stone is also an element of today’s bathrooms, especially if it is used on the walls. You can break the monotony with large mirrors. And keep in mind that currently there are many inexpensive ceramics that imitate the veins and textures of the stone very well.

In addition to ceramics, natural stones such as quartz and marble are also used.

You can see a clear commitment to natural elements.

One of the places in which we most aspire to reach harmony and warmth is undoubtedly the bathroom, since this space constitutes one of the main places when it comes to a well-deserved time of relaxation, so it is very important to combine aesthetics and elegance of our bathroom with its functionality.

8- 3D ceramic tiles

As the technology in materials evolved, the diversity of decoration expanded and the materials, in addition to having higher quality, have more variety in terms of techniques and designs.

Today’s ceramics have different patterns, textures, shapes and colors, making them adaptable to all interiors. Tiles and ceramics with relief are one of the most interesting trends. It is very popular because they create a very attractive 3D effect on the walls.

9- Vintage tiles

Tiles with beautiful vintage prints is another of the trends in ceramics. In addition, digital printing allows you to create all kinds of images and they are really perfect. Bright colors brighten a room.

10- Flake tiles

11- Imitation wood, stone or metal tiles

Another trend is to imitate other materials with ceramics, such as wood, stone, metal, bricks, etc.

There are ceramics on the market that mimic high-end materials like wood, marble, or even concrete.

They allow us to enjoy the presence of metal, rough stones and woods with a rustic appearance, on the floor or walls. Materials that are also very well combined with glass, an element that provides luminosity and a greater sense of cleanliness in the bathrooms.

12- Geometric forms

It is very popular to decorate with different geometric shapes and this is why there is a great variety of ceramics in various shapes.


13- Mix of Nordic and Japanese

A style that gains strength in modern bathroom decoration is Asian, since it is a trend to incorporate motifs in this style with light tones and minimalist designs.

Minimalist styles are popular, but it’s all about making contemporary bathrooms a little warmer.

This type of design is one of the most chic.

14- Industrial look

To create sleek, modern industrial decor worthy of a New York loft, designers are using imperfect, unique pieces like metal sinks or bathtubs and adding brick walls, waxed concrete floors, and rustic wood finishes.

In this bathroom a double sink has been installed, ideal for a bathroom to be used by two people at the same time.

15- Rustic modern bathrooms

You can create a modern look in a rustic space. Choose modern corner pieces and eye-catching accessories that contrast with a rustic setting.

The pieces in this bathroom are by Roca, and the right angles contrast and harmonize with rustic details such as the wall decorated with wood where the bathtub is located.

White, gray and earth colors are always present, but you can always be more daring with colorful patterns, especially on tiles.

16- Modern classic style

The classic style with modern touches is also being widely used. For example, the English style is very elegant.

17- Italian style

The Italian shower is always a popular choice with its glass walls, which give a minimalist look. In addition to being easy to maintain, it allows you to save space and adapts to all styles of decoration.

18- Large and practical storage

We can multiply the storage space and try to optimize what is available. Compartments in drawers, cabinets, and shelves are part of a well-thought-out bathroom.

The cleaner the space, the larger it will appear. Inspired by functional architecture, we opted for modular furniture with simple, straight shapes and moderate decorations.

One can play with patterns on the floor and walls, and be original by breaking the linearity in the furniture. Asymmetrical shapes can be used in the arrangement of cabinets, drawers and shelves.

Large and antique pieces, inspired by the Victorian style, are gaining popularity.

Mid-century furniture, with simple and clean lines, is also a trend.

As a general rule, advance planning for storage and practical use of the bathroom is essential. For 2022, designers are getting a little more creative in using every inch of space to make it functional, but also aesthetically pleasing.

Showers and bathtubs

19- Separate shower per wall

One of the current trends in modern bathrooms is dividing the space to hide an open shower behind one wall, which can house a sink or toilet on the other side.

In this case the wall is made of concrete, which is also a trend.

20- Multifunctional showers

For the shower, several options are being implemented, but there is increasing demand for the open shower and, above all, multifunctional: integration of a bench, a steam system, an environmental mirror, shower columns, etc.

We thought about storage by adding shelves or recesses to keep shampoo, shower gel, and soap close at hand. There are even soap and gel dispensers, like the ones in hotel rooms, that can be wall mounted to save space.

21- Glass partitions

This bathroom is not as large as it sounds, but the glass shower enclosure gives it a feeling of spaciousness, and it is certainly one of the current trends.

22- Bathtub and shower together

A new trend acquires predominance in the design of bathrooms: placing the bathtub inside the shower, creating a glazed space where you can shower and bathe. This configuration is spa-like, and takes up less space than the separate bathtub and shower area design.

Often for smaller spaces, people have to choose between a bathtub or a shower. However, with this design, you can often fit both in the same space.

It’s also a good family arrangement, kids can take long baths and play in the tub without worrying about the water spilling all over the place, making cleanup easier. We see some photos so you can see what the trend is about.

23- Bathing islands

The island is gaining popularity with its sophisticated and architectural appearance. It comes in a multitude of shapes: square, oval, round, asymmetrical, or rectangular.

To maximize its striking appearance, it is installed in the center of the room, ideally requiring a minimum dimension of 10m².

24- Technology in the bathroom

As technology advances, the bathroom does not escape. For example, more mirrors with LED lighting and faucets with motion detector or with a temperature regulator are included.

The integration of customizable touchscreens with mirrors is gaining popularity. Whether it’s controlling lighting or watching the weather, new options are constantly being offered.

This slim wall panel adds a futuristic dimension to the bathroom. The new Ondus digital faucet includes temperature control and a touch pad for operation. There is also a soap container included in the panel design.

The manufacturers claim that it is good for the environment, since it is not necessary to run the water to achieve the desired temperature. Always ahead of its time, the world-renowned German company Grohe knows that technology and architecture come together perfectly.

25- Bathrooms in the bedroom

En-suite bathrooms are becoming more and more fashionable. A room next to the bedroom can be converted into a luxurious bathroom, as an extension of the master bedroom.

26- Spacious bathrooms

Today, the bathroom is not only used for hygiene, but it is also a space for relaxation and beauty in which we want to feel comfortable and relaxed. We need space. If possible, the bathroom can be expanded into another room. The washer and dryer are moved to another part of the house.

The bathroom is relocated in a larger room or expanded outward when possible. Otherwise, it is about expanding the space using an optical illusion, for example using large tiles. In addition to giving an illusion of greater size, large tiles reduce the number of joints and accumulate less dirt.

27- Small modern bathrooms

To maximize the space in a small bathroom, there are several things that can be done. To get rid of the clutter, start by replacing the old pedestal sink. Choose a sink with a countertop and storage space underneath.

You can install a small bathtub, now there are many very stylish models. You can also use a wall covering and large tiles, this will give a feeling of spaciousness.

For the walls, use light colors, since the dark tones create a feeling of enclosure. A dark color on the opposite wall helps create a sense of depth.

Use storage furniture that makes the most of the space.

Hiding the storage is also a good tip to create a feeling of space.

The general trend is to keep the bathroom layout simple and practical. Eliminating the legs of the sinks achieves the feeling of more space. This option is also highly recommended in confined spaces.