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25 Mid-Century Bathroom Design Ideas

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Mid-Century Bathroom Design can add contemporary elegance and value to any home design. Characterized by clean lines and sleek, minimalistic design, mid-century modern style first came to prominence in the post-World War II era in the Scandinavian countries of Europe. It soon migrated to North American shores and was seen in furniture, architecture and interior design.

If you are considering a mid-century modern design for your bathroom, one element that you can likely build your design around is the cabinet scheme. Mid-century modern cabinets tend to be sleek and minimal, with doors that are flush with the rest of the cabinet, and simple, straightforward hardware in angular metal designs. These distinctive cabinets can house single or double sinks, or act as storage spaces for bathroom accessories, but they’ll definitely convey an immediate mid-century modern style message.

Contrasting the stark angularity of the cabinets with curving bath features is a great way to continue the mid-century modern aesthetic. A curving, bowl-like tub—or a sink in an expanding rectangular or curved shape—can add real visual interest and a distinctly modern feel.

In terms of tile and countertops, mid-century modern bathrooms tend to keep it simple, with flat tile and matte countertops. Another popular feature in mid-century modern bathrooms is glass—shower enclosures that take advantage of this feature will create a much more spacious feel in the bathroom.

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