25 Inherent Arts and Ornaments to Enhance the House at Christmas

There is little left and we propose 25 ideas to start thinking about how you are going to decorate the house at Christmas. How we like Christmas. We live it every year with all the intensity and the fact is that the holidays, in addition to everything they represent and mean, is the perfect excuse to give a different air to the decoration of our house. It is clear that the Christmas trees and the portals of Bethlehem are the undisputed kings of Christmas decoration, but there are many other details that we can use to give our home that festive air that we like so much. Every year we bet on different colors, or we return to the traditional ones, but year after year they accompany us when Christmas approaches and the end of the year.

A lit candle, a center of nuts, colored garlands … These are the hallmarks of a holiday that is enjoyed in every corner of the house at Christmas. There are details and pieces that by themselves already announce Christmas. Decorative pieces like a bowl of pinecones or the Poinsettia bring us the Christmas spirit before we put a tree full of garlands, lights and balls.

We will review the most interesting and those that you should not overlook to decorate your home for Christmas. Starting with the Advent wreath that you can hang on the front door of your house or on the living room window so that it can be seen from the outside. Another detail that we like the most is the Advent calendars that you can also make at home, it will be a super fun craft to do with your children, but then you can fill in each gap so that it is a daily surprise for them.

The candles that you usually have at home to aromatize the environment is the time to change them for ones with more Christmas shapes (reindeer, fir trees, stars …) and also for warmer and more welcoming aromas that bring us memories of Christmas at home. the grandparents. The centerpieces and vases that you usually have for fresh flowers, fill them with balls and tree decorations, you will see how beautiful and Christmas they are. A detail that you can place on the console in the hall and of course on the dining room table.

It is about achieving an ephemeral decoration, tailored to these dates; You will achieve this with the key elements of the party: packages with gifts, toys and boxes around the tree … Don’t forget the lighting, essential to recreate warm environments.


When it comes to preparing the house for Christmas, we often forget about the front door, but you already know how important the first impression can be. Therefore, nothing better than decorating it with an Advent wreath, the quintessential symbol of welcome. Berry crown, by Maisons du Monde (€ 26.99).


Advent calendar made with cloth bags

Cut different fabrics in a rectangular shape, join them on the wrong side and sew them into little bags. Sew on the right some patches decorated with numbers, from 1 to 24. Close the bags with string or colored ribbons and hang them in order on the wall. The countdown begins!


Decorative reindeer

You don’t need to go overboard with the decor; especially if you don’t have many meters. You can use small ornaments to recreate the spirit of Christmas and take advantage of any corner to place them. Look how funny these three moose are on a pedestal that the rest of the year houses a plant. To complete, we decorate the wall with a garland.


It is a Christmas classic that gives a lot of play at home; Take the opportunity to decorate the shelf with a composition as natural as the one in the photo. On a base of juniper branches, place candles inside small glass cups, to create atmosphere, some simple floral decoration and seasonal fruits with which, in addition, you will perfume the environment. Gather your children around the warmth of the home and tell them stories related to the holidays. You will see how they enjoy. Candles, glasses and violets.


In addition to the railing, you can also decorate the steps (always the ends) with Christmas balls or wool pompoms; so if there is any stumbling block, there will be no problems. And on special occasions, such as Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve, you can also put some lighted candles to create a more intimate and personal atmosphere.


If you prefer to innovate in terms of Christmas decorations and decorations for the house, Cercis offers more modern decorations in which the use of new materials stands out. The greatest advantage of this curious plant art workshop is the absolute originality and personalization of each work, and the use of fresh flowers in perfect harmony with other elements. An original and dazzling bet to stand out in this special time.


Centerpiece with christmas decorations

Reserve a corner in the living room to place a nice Christmas centerpiece. Do it yourself to make it more personal. You do not need large items, just some decorations that you have at home: pinecones, balls … Another option is candles; a solution with which, in addition to decorating, you will create very intimate atmospheres at night out. Group them on a pretty tray or simply on the table surrounded by a matching garland.


Make a simple and personal center with the quintessential Christmas flower. On a wooden tray with a background of walnuts and dwarf apples, place two small poinsettias in red and cream, in two-colored pots, and garnish them with white willow twigs.


Golden pine cones christmas tables

So that your Christmas dinners and meals are luxurious and your guests feel welcome, take note of the advice given by the interior designer Pilar Perea.


Who was going to say it! In this photo the spruce has been placed in a wide-mouthed clear glass vase, and the moss or soil has been replaced by ball-shaped stainless steel scouring pads. Complete it with a string of lights. Another option is to use river stones and mix them with fine colored sand.


Its subtle and warm lighting is essential on these familiar dates. Place an assortment of assorted candles in a niche, fireplace mantel, window sill, or on a piece of furniture. You will love the Sia, Ikea and Point à la Ligne models.


Christmas candles in the window

The intimate and warm atmosphere that is created when you turn them on is essential on these familiar dates; Of course, you already know that you should reserve them for the night and better placed in a place away from the diners, so that accidents do not occur. If you put them in a row on the windowsill, your guests will see them from the street and they will know that you are waiting for them.


Christmas ornaments

Evenings require a special atmosphere that can only be achieved with certain details, and lighting is one of them. Some trees with lamps, like the ones in the photo, can be the perfect solution; they do not give heat, they do not turn off unexpectedly and no one can get burned by them. Little trees, from Ikea.


Christmas ornament with lights on the wall

Get light garlands and distribute them around the house, not just around the tree. Unleash your creativity and place them in the frame of doors and windows, around the railing of the stairs or on the wall, in a very sinuous way.


Make your particular arrangement with Christmas motifs to decorate the table. Choose a tray with a striking design and place different balls, some metallic pinecones and a vase with some cut flowers. Take into account the shades of the dishes and table linens that you are going to use. Metallic font, from the firm Sia.


They cannot miss their annual appointment with Santa Claus; especially if there are children at home. To make them more personal, ask the little ones to choose the one they like the most among their own. Fill them with cotton or fabric scraps and some Christmas decorations (dolls, balls, pine cones …) and hang them in the fireplace. And, if you don’t have one, on a shelf, on the window … Give it a little imagination, you’re sure to find the right place.


Christmas candles in the windows

Decorate the windows of your house with candles, angels and stars that will welcome your guests from the street. The image couldn’t be more inspiring. If you don’t have a window sill to put your candles on, hang glass test tubes on strings or steel cords from the ceiling.


It is typical to associate Christmas with a snowy landscape … Do not give it up, even if the white cloak is not as common as we would like. Recreate it on some window with snow spray; It’s very easy, buy templates with the drawings you like or make them yourself: houses, pines, reindeer … Anything goes. Then fix them to the glass and apply the spray. Top it off with some blank Christmas decorations so they don’t clash. Here some crystal balls and delicate butterflies stand out.


Decorate both the front door and the passageways or the windows. Crowns are very easy to do if you are somewhat crafty. With the help of artificial plants, such as the berries in the image, you can make original compositions. Secure them with a silk ribbon.


Not everything is pineapple and holly wreaths; If you don’t want to give up Christmas decorations, but you run away from the classic decorations, this idea is designed for you. Decorate the front door with a very colorful detail: two intertwined garlands in silver and aubergine. Similar, for sale in Los Peñotes.


A beautiful custom: put a decorative container with different cards in the hall or in the living room so that each of your family and friends can write their wishes for next year. When you meet twelve months later, you will be able to check if it has been fulfilled.


Christmas postcards

It is always nice to receive cards from friends and family that congratulate us on the holidays. You can display them without ruining the decoration: hang a garland or a cord vertically and fix them with clips as you receive them. The result is flattering and very original. This time we have chosen a cord decorated with small bells and mini pompoms; everything from House Doctor in Nordic Style (from € 1.43).


Cloth figures for the nativity scene

If you want to be faithful to all the traditions, you cannot miss a Bethlehem portal. You can start with the basic pieces and increase their number each year. A tip: if you have children, choose them in resistant materials so that they do not break them, they love to play with them.


Wine glass with santa claus flag

Although the kind figure of this plump old man comes to us from the Nordic countries, it has become so ingrained in our country that any Christmas decoration would be orphaned without this character. Reserve a space for him no matter how small. Why not decorating the stem of the glasses? Your guests will find it a very nice idea.


Christmas cards

It is not about giving an expensive gift, but about having a detail and making everyone feel graceful, flattered, happy. As it is difficult to hit everyone, you can opt for something deco, such as scented candles, all the same but with different scents. The height of good taste will be put on the label with the name of each one. These are from El Corte Inglés.

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