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25 Halloween Porch Decorations Ideas

Halloween Porch Decorations Ideas – Creating a front yard setting that is both awesome and creepy to amuse, scare and delight the trick-or-treat crowd is easy, but it does take some time. At one time, we used to have “the best house on the block” for Halloween. We never put out the decorations prior to Halloween–that way, it was always a surprise for the doorbell-ringers, most of whom were local kids. We’d begin right after school let out, and be finished by a little before dinner, just in time for the first round of the youngest groups.

This worked out well, as it is usually not quite dark by then, and is less scary for the toddlers likely to show up with parents then. But after dark, oh, my! Watch out! We had some really creepy stuff, and very rarely, even gave a start to some of the adults. I am very sorry, but I do not have any photos from back then. I don’t know what happened to them, and the camera I had then was not very good in low-light situations, and using flash spoiled the effect, so the quality was poor anyway.

Halloween Porch Decorations

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Front porch Halloween decoration ideas

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Front Porch Halloween Decorations Ideas

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