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2021 Home Decor Color Trend: Acid Green

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This year’s trendiest color is a combination of yellow and green hues in one hot shade, acid green. After the world has spent nearly a year spent in quarantine, this hot color is taking 2021 by storm in fashion and home décor trends. If you’re looking for a way to make a big, bold statement in your home, consider some of these trendy design choices in acid green. Get inspiration for what you can do with this color from home décor professionals with expertise in Manhattan Beach interior design and other coastal areas. Here is how acid green could brighten up your home.


When most people think of green in a kitchen, they get an image in their head of dated, vintage kitchen décor in lime green from the 1970s. Acid green has come a long way since its early days during the mod era. The leading kitchen designers Santa Monica have used acid green shades to help brighten up a kitchen and make it more welcoming. Instead of taking over the kitchen space, acid green works best in short bursts, such as a pop of color in an accessory, backsplash or light fixture.


Acid green can also instantly liven up a boring bedroom. The key is to not overdo it with the brightness. This shade works well in small doses, such as an accent wall, an area rug, a comforter set, accent pillows or curtains. Waking up every morning to a bright pop of green can be a great mood booster.


The bathroom is another part of the home that could benefit from this trendy shade. You can liven up your bathroom space by swapping out neutrals with acid green shades. This could be accomplished by painting the walls in acid green or simply staging the bathroom area with acid green bath accessories, such as decorative towels, soap dispensers, bathroom rugs or wall hangings. 

Kid’s Spaces 

This delightful and whimsical color may be an ideal shade for a kid’s bedroom or a playroom. Kids bedroom design should be fun and cheerful, and acid green is a great base shade to work with when crafting a room that any kid would enjoy. If you’re redesigning your children’s playroom area, consider pairing acid green with another fun color, such as yellow or orange. 

Living Rooms

It’s also possible to use this bold hue in your living or family room space. Acid green can be incorporated into your existing décor to make the space more enjoyable and inviting. It works best in accent pieces, such as a bowl of acid green apples, a pair of table lamps, a new reclining chair or artwork for the walls. 

Outdoor Areas 

The last space that could benefit from an update in acid green colors is your outdoor living area. If you have a covered patio or sunroom, this is a great shade to use on the border of your indoor and outdoor living spaces. Additionally, acid green party accessories, glassware and serving items make gatherings and entertaining much more fun and lively. 

If you want to go big in your home décor choices for 2021, consider acid green. This bright, optimistic color is the trendiest shade for this year in home decorating.

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