14 Fabulous Ideas for Small and Functional Kitchens

Do you find it a challenge to decorate small kitchens? Know that it is not so difficult to achieve a practical, beautiful and visually spacious room as a result. Check out our 14 tips for decorating small, functional kitchens.

For those who follow a more classic line in decor, it has special palettes in neutral tones such as black and white.

Those looking to make their home more beautiful and colorful will also find satisfying ideas with vibrant colors like red and yellow – look out for the best, most assertive combination with these tones.

It also has original ideas for those who have a more daring decorative style. So let’s get started with decorating small, functional kitchens?

1– Smart cabinets

One way to get the most out of your kitchen, even if it’s small, is with smart cabinets. The planned furniture allows you to use every inch of your room and offers a significant amount of doors and niches to store utensils and food.

This type of cabinet and shelf allows you to organize your kitchen in such a way that you have more space to move around the room since everything is concentrated on the wall.

2– It was white

Light colors tend to make spaces appear larger than they really are.

The tip is to be inspired by this concept and seek to decorate the environment with white furniture and appliances, reinforcing the visual range. Try not to vary the palette too much, items that you can’t have in white can be other light colors like silver, for example.

3– Kitchens with wooden cabinets

This item on the list of ideas for small and functional kitchens is special for those who want the environment to be naturally more cozy and warm.

Wooden custom cabinetry is great for organizing your kitchen and helps make it look visually larger. The tip is to bet on lighter wood pieces that reinforce this feeling.

4– Contrasts

For those who like more striking colors and have a small kitchen at home, the tip is to work with contrasts. The vibrant color should be at strategic points, such as the cabinet doors or the body of the countertop (in the case of American kitchens). The best way to use vibrant colors like blue, pink and red is to balance it with white.

5– Integrated kitchen with partition

A practical way to make your small kitchen more functional, as it offers the chance to increase it a few meters just by opening the partition that separates it from other environments such as a dining room or living room.

The concept of a kitchen integrated into the home’s social environments is becoming more and more recurrent, nowadays, people talk to their guests while they cook.

6– Patterns

To make this room more interesting, the tip is to bet on the use of patterns located at strategic points such as the floor, for example.

Give preference to prints with large elements that contribute to make the space look bigger than it is. Choosing a reduced color palette also contributes to a strategically broader environment.

7– Large windows

Small, functional kitchens can look larger visually with large windows. This type of window allows more natural light to enter as well as contrasts with the size of the room.

Large windows also make daily life in the kitchen more pleasant, ideal for those who live in cities where the summer is very intense, allowing ventilation.

8– Stamped bench

For those who have an American kitchen and want to make the environment more interesting and visually spacious, we recommend sticking the body of the countertop.

The stickers are easy to install and for those who see your kitchen from the front, they create the feeling of a deeper space. Make your decor even cooler with a choice of colorful stools or benches.

9– Kitchen and service area together

In the case of small apartments, being able to combine different rooms in a single space represents a great gain. With this in mind, a smart solution is to create a niche for the washing machine in the kitchen.

Planned cabinets can have a space dedicated especially to this appliance. Thus, it is possible to gain more space without needing a service area.

10– Kitchen in black and white

The decoration with a black and white palette makes the rooms more elegant and provides an excellent contrast of light and dark. This makes it possible to create the feeling that the space is deeper and wider.

One way to achieve this combination in a modern way is to have black cabinets and countertops like the white sink. Furniture with a high-gloss effect is more recommended because its reflection makes the space larger for those who arrive in the room.

11– Yellow and Black

Another color combination that’s virtually foolproof in making small rooms appear larger is yellow and black. In this case, cabinets in vibrant color gain much more style when they are designed to open black appliances. The use of neutral tones such as white and gray to close the palette contributes to the idea of ​​spaciousness.

12– Kitchen inside the box

Anyone who wants to make their kitchen more interesting can bet on this special architectural trick. Just because the space is small doesn’t mean the room needs to be dull. You can opt for an American kitchen with a countertop and an outline that makes it look like it’s inside a box. Use light colors so that the decoration offers more room for the environment.

13– Touches of red

Another color that works well for decorating small, functional kitchens is red in conjunction with white. You can follow two paths, have red tops and cabinets or appliances such as refrigerators and microwaves, for example. The main thing is to create contrast with vibrant color and neutral tones.

14– Greek-inspired decoration

To happily close our list of inspirations for building small and functional kitchens, we’ve arrived at the look that celebrates the Greek style. The palette composed of dark blue, white and beige is ideal for those who like a more lively style. Using colors that contrast and converse with each other, it is possible to achieve a clean and modern result.

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