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Window Film can Reduce Vandalism, Protect Your Property and Reduce Overall Maintenance Costs

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The windows to your building are your ‘window to the world’. They protect you from the outside elements, cut down on glare, and facilitate light flow. You may not have considered how vulnerable your windows are when you built or bought the property, but there’s no reason you can’t change that now. Adding window films to windows can offer plenty of benefits. Ben from Off Your Wall who specialises in commercial window cleaning and property maintenance services, shares his knowledge on the benefits of window film.

They make it easy to remove graffiti

Any signs of graffiti or vandalism on your building will make it look run down and poorly maintained. This can affect how customers perceive your business offering, and also make you vulnerable to further acts of defacement by vandals looking for targets in your area.
It’s an eyesore, and can also be a costly expense you have to add to your maintenance bills. An anti-graffiti window film will solve these issues for you.

Think of it as having applied a sacrificial layer to the window. If it is painted, marked, or scratched, you can simply remove it and replace it. The glass itself will remain unaffected. You may be hit with a tag on your windows, but it won’t be permanent.

They improve conditions for your employees

Did you know that window film can provide a better working environment and reduce energy costs? They do so by blocking heat from the exterior in hot weather. When it’s cold, they help preserve interior heat. Consider the savings you will make by cutting your reliance or heating and cooling systems in your building. These savings will make a considerable change to your bottom line.

Your carpets and furnishings will also enjoy the level of protection offered by window films. You can reduce fading and prolong the life of these items, while your employees will also be protected from the UV rays emitted by the sun. The more comfortable and safe you can ensure your employees are, the more productive they will be. Having to replace furnishings because they are worn out, or cover staff because they are ill caused by sun exposure, can be expensive. Instead, put some money behind installing window film so you won’t have to carry these expenses in the future. It’s a small price to pay.

They improve overall security

If you want to cut down the risk of intruders entering your property through windows, consider installing window film. How it works is that it prevents the glass from shattering. When glass breaks, it is easy and quick for an intruder to enter through the gap. When the fragments are held in place by the film, they will find it more challenging to enter. You want to prevent them from entering, and if they do, you want to slow down their pace. Less time means less time to complete their crime.

If your windows are damaged for any reason, it will also protect your property from looters. They’re unlikely to try and enter your property, knowing they could be hurt or hindered by the intact fragments of glass on your windows. It’s worth noting this with your insurance company, as they may offer benefits or reduced rates for including window film as a security measure in your building.

They will improve safety

Depending on the line of work, and those of your neighbouring properties, you should consider the risk posed by blasts that smash your windows. These can happen with chemical explosions or those caused by humans. Window film will most likely reduce the damage if your windows are exposed to a blast of any kind, or from shattering during a wind, hail storm or other natural disasters.

They will prevent shards of glass from entering the room and potentially injuring your employees where they are working or taking refuge. It’s been estimated that one pane of glass can produce over 500 deadly shards in a blast situation. They are sharp and can cause severe injury when propelled through the air by an outside force. Don’t put your people at risk when applying window film is so easy, and comes with so many additional benefits.

To get the most benefits out of your window film, ensure that you get it professionally installed, and do the research needed to confirm it adheres to recognised standards. Check that it comes with guarantees and get them to complete all snags before you sign off on the work.

Ask your installer what the personal safety rating of the window film is and where it rests on the blast mitigation scale. They should be able to supply you with certification to prove this. It is a worthy investment to look into. Don’t overlook window film because you have video surveillance or alarm systems. It can add an extra level of security. Most importantly, it will give you peace of mind knowing that your employees are safe.

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