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Useful Wall Tips for Taking Advantage of the Space

Verticalization is a smart solution to improve fluidity in small spaces. Small houses and apartments are increasingly common these days, and using each space intelligently is essential to ensure coziness and fluidity. In that case, using the walls is a solution. Below are some examples of how to verticalize indoors!

Niches on the wall

We made a selection of some spaces where the ottoman was added to the decor. Check out!

The niches are excellent allies to be able to use the wall. In them, you can choose to place books, notebooks, plants, ornaments or any other item — even clothes depending on the case. In addition to optimizing and organizing the space, this accessory also adds a fun touch to the environment.

Vertical gardens

Who said that small balconies cannot have a personalized decoration? Vertical bib are items that give a delicate charm to the space and, to top it off, don’t take up much space as they are attached to the wall.

Suspended bed

Rooms with reduced dimensions need to be very well thought out — at this time, it is worth counting on the help of the joinery to come up with a solution. The suspended bed models are excellent bets, as the lower part (on the floor) is preserved and can receive other furniture, such as a dressing table or desk.

Hooks on the walls

These drying racks, supports and shelves will help you make the most of your space! The use of hooks on the walls to support objects is an easy and inexpensive verticalization technique. In the kitchen, for example, as it has space to include the main household items that the resident will use in their routine.

Upright bathrooms

Instead of buying a shampoo holder to include inside the box, how about leaving a hole in the wall in the project itself? You’ll be able to leave your products in a safe place and still save space!