Unique Painted Kitchen Ideas Without Tiles

Most kitchens we know and see have a large number of tiles. Although we must say that nowadays brick walls are no longer used, because the trend to create a mixed material is much greater. This tiled on the walls of the old kitchen, but it has too much of and old-fashioned.

There is no need to include all walls with tiles to make the kitchen work properly. In fact, some walls don’t even have tiles and only use paint because it is much cheaper. If you are considering removing tiles or creating a painted kitchen without tiles, we will give you some inspiration.

Kitchen painted white overall

Whitewashed kitchen

No tile, you want a simple style kitchen, we recommend that you use white. White can be used in all environments and is undoubtedly the color of this season. It makes your kitchen appear more spacious and bright, this is the family space that everyone wants. In extension, white paint is usually one of the most affordable paints, so this is a good start for decorating our kitchen.

Remember that by eliminating tiles in the kitchen we will have to clean the paint often, so it is best to paint it as a high-quality painting. Only in this way can we prevent its rapid wear and deterioration. However, we can always decide to place tiles only where strictly necessary.

Lacquered kitchen

Painted kitchen

If you want to use a certain kind of tile effect in your kitchen, avoid matte paint, because the imperfections in these paints are more obvious and bet on shiny ones. The most commonly used is satin, but if you want to add lighting in the kitchen, it is recommended that you treat this type of surface more to reflect more light. Therefore, we recommend that you use white gloss paint on the front to attract attention.

Nordic style kitchen without tiles

Scandinavian style kitchen

In the Nordic style, we comprehend that the fewer rules, the more rules. Therefore, in these kitchens, we can find spaces without tiles or tiles in white or neutral colors (such as light gray), which is logical. In this type of kitchen, the decorative effects are prominent, such as wooden floors and high-quality countertops, light-colored cabinets and high-quality faucets. But the walls can be painted all white because it is the most used color in this style.

White kitchen tile line

This kitchen is a good example of cooking simple but practical. If we don’t use tiles at all, cleaning problems may occur, because if the front of the kitchen gets grease when cooking, it will be more difficult to clean without causing waste and damaging the paint. This is why some people use paint but leave a small front to protect the area and therefore ensure the best cleanliness in the kitchen. It allows us to clean adequately without having to add extra tiles.

The kitchen does not have tiles, but has original floors

This kitchen without tiles gave us different large idea. If you use paint on your kitchen walls, be sure to note that there are other details that can give it a bit of personality. Tiles add texture and sometimes color, so we lose these elements. But we can offset it with this original floor made of hydraulic tiles with geometric patterns and brightness. The idea is to draw consciousness to the floor area and leave only a few layers of neutral-toned paint on the walls.

Paint the kitchen in neutral tones

Neutral tones are perfect for any space in our home. They allow us to combine elements more easily and create elegant and modern spaces. Light gray, light wood, beige and white are the basis of this type of kitchen. Use paint like light gray, which will last a long time and is very neutral and trendy. Exquisite light-colored wooden furniture will bring you a warm feeling.

Mixed paint and tile area

Kitchen with mixed tiles

While we are talking about does not use tile kitchen, but you always can add tile area in front of the remaining paint with paint. This is the most done thing today, because you need to use tiled areas in the kitchen. This idea is the most effective of all functions, combining the two.

Dark-toned kitchen

Dark may be a good choice. In this case, they used many white and light tones, but also painted the walls black at the same time, which is a very original idea. This is an elegant color, very suitable for modern kitchens.

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