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Unique Kitsch Decor Ideas for You

If you want to decorate your own house, you may find all the decorating styles in order to be able to choose the decorating style that suits you best, with your personality and your home. If so, you may want to know the kitsch style in the decoration, because you may not have seen anything similar so far. You might like this new decorating style.

Kitsch style

It is not a decorative style suitable for all tastes, because it requires creativity and a lot of personality. The definition of “kitsch” appeared not long ago. It is a way of showing artistic traditions, with different tastes and decorative styles. We are accustomed to the fact that the decoration is correct and balanced, “less is more”. Well, kitsch style is completely opposite to it. In this “more is more” style, it is based on adding many colors and shapes, and eye-catching elements are welcome.

This kind of decoration may be a burden for some people, and may even cause stress for people who need to maintain emotional stability in a short period of time.

It’s not just decoration

The kitsch interior design style is regarded by some as a symbol of rejection of art, but this does not prevent this decorative style from attracting more and more attention. It represents an extravagant, exaggerated or anti-classical method of deification. For many people, kitsch style is not just decoration, it is a trend-setting style.

The prominent colors are usually bubble gum pink, pure blue, lime green or apple green, gold and red. Decorative ornaments are indispensable, the more luxurious, the better. If you want to collect and display figurines, then this style is for you. Mixed colors, different textiles everywhere… This is a style that is easy to distinguish but not easy to obtain and maintain.

Features of kitsch style

As you can see, the most recognizable characteristics of kitsch style are the lack of harmony in the palette, lack of decorative balance, and even a commitment to the chaos in the room, even if everything is well thought out. Accessories will have multiple colors, different textures, they can have different styles, and decorative styles can be combined without this means there is confusion.

For example: You can combine classic finishes with more modern finishes, focusing on the type of decor you like, even if they are not suitable. You can choose bright blue paint, silver and gold stars, and mosaic floors for walls and ceilings. Looks weird? No, it’s kitsch.

For some people, it tastes bad

For some people, this decoration style is not good and they will not use it at home, but for others, it is a decoration with a lot of personality. Just because other people cannot do this in your home, this one reason alone is not enough to add this kind of decoration to your home.

This is a different kind of decoration, with personality and such luxurious details that not everyone can stand their own home. Many people believe that a house should be a place for body and mind to rest, and with so many colors and accessories, this style does not allow to rest in any way.

But it all depends on each individual’s personality. It includes maintaining the decoration in the most unusual way, whether it is colors or objects or other decorative details. Maybe something that other people don’t like at all is great for you.

A bit retro

Its retro feel does not mean that it is indeed retro, but retro accessories can be added to this type of decoration. But of course, not only retro elements can be incorporated, but also any other elements with different decoration styles. In kitsch style, people not only consider decorative style, but also consider to achieve this innovative effect in decoration by combining patterns with the most eye-catching objects.

From silk to wicker or metal wire, the texture can vary greatly. Furniture can have peculiar shapes, luxurious colors, and can be second-hand, new or handmade.

Will you add kitsch style to your family?

For those who like this decorative style, but also for those who hate it. You might like it, or just seeing it makes you anxious. However, if you really like it, if you want to do it well, you must do a good job in interior decoration design and get a very interesting space. Although it is recommended to use this style of decoration in your room, but not in your master bedroom as a place to rest.

With this good combination of styles, it is not necessary to make the taste worse or less. With kitsch decoration style, you can capture your personality very well.