Kids Room Design

Try These DIY Wall Art Paintings for Kids Room

Kids love wall art, and it is exciting for parents to decorate their kid’s room. The colors and animations on the walls can make you crazy and attract admiration from others. Decorating the kid’s room yourself does not cost much, and you can do it in your spare time.

There are many wall art ideas that you can use on the walls in kid’s rooms. Using these ideas also saves you money. So, let us check out some amazing DIY wall art paintings for your kid’s room.


Kids like flowers, and there is a wide range of flowers that you can paint on a wall in your children’s room. Pick the images of various flowers in your country and paint them on the wall. For example, you can paint roses with leaves, lotus, and other varieties found in your country. Your kids can learn the names of flowers from the painting and also play games on the same.

The best part about painting flowers is that you can paint them as large as possible. You can even cover the entire wall with flowers.


Children also like animals, and there are a variety of animals that you can draw for your kids. Animals like fish, dogs, cats, and rabbits are easy to draw and paint. Draw the animals in a cartoon theme and fill bright colors in them as children like cartoons and bright colors. Drawing the animals in this style will create interest in your kids, and they will love to learn about animals.

Scenic landscapes

Drawing a scenic landscape in your kid’s room is a great idea. Kids love sceneries, that is why they draw them in their drawing book. Landscapes are also easy to draw on a wall or canvas. You can fill natural colors to create a scenic beauty of nature on the wall. The best way to create a scenery is to draw some mountains, rivers, sun, and a village. Kids like these types of landscapes in their rooms.


Cartoons are the characters that children love the most. Painting the cartoons on a wall is fun. Your kids are likely to paint themselves or help you in painting the cartoons. The best way is to paint the favorite cartoons of your children that they watch the most on the TV. Paint them in the same colors as shown on the TV or in some bright colors to create interest. There are a variety of cartoons that you can paint on the wall in your kid’s room.

Toy vehicles

Toy vehicles can be great wall art for kids. Check the favorite toy vehicles of their kids and paint the same on your wall. Although cars are not easy to paint on a canvas or wall, you can take help from professionals like house painters Sydney to create high-quality paintings. Another idea is to paint the vehicles that you see in the cartoon videos like vintage cars, wooden trains, and airplanes with a fan in the front.

Animated creatures

Kids love animations, and there are many animated creatures that they see in 3D movies and other science fiction videos. Again it is not easy to paint the animation characters on a wall or canvas. You need to practice a lot before drawing the perfect paintings for your kids. You can also hire a professional, but it is best to do it yourself, as painting yourself is full of fun and excitement.

Moon and stars

Moon and stars are the favorite topics for little kids. They love to watch the videos and hear stories containing moon and stars. Moreover, it is quite easy to draw a moon and stars on a canvas or wall. There is another option as you can buy the stickers from a stationery store and stick them on your wall. You can find a wide range of stickers in the shape of stars in various colors and sizes.

Moreover, there are reflective stickers that glow when your kids turn off the lights in their room.

Angles and Fairies

Angels are Fairies are the characters that most children love to watch in videos. Many kids hear stories or angels and fairies from their grandparents. Most parents can draw pictures of angels and fairies easily on a canvas. Moreover, if your kids like them, they are sure to help you in drawing the artwork for their room.

Random designs

Random designs are also a great idea for a painting in your kid’s room. If you don’t know what you should paint for your kid’s wall, you can paint any random design. Find some colorful designs online and paint them on a canvas or directly on the wall in your children’s room. However, your kids might or might not like the random designs. Therefore, it is best to let your kids choose the designs what they like to see on their wall.

Use canvas on the walls

If you don’t want to spoil your wall paint, it is best to paint on a canvas. Paste it on a frame and hang it on the wall. The best benefit of using the canvas is that you can paint almost anything on that without spoiling your wall paint or wallpaper. If you don’t like what you painted, you can remove the canvas, and your walls will remain intact. It is also easy to replace the paintings painted on canvas cloth.

Final Words

These are some DIY wall art painting ideas for kid’s room. Parents and homeowners can choose to use any of these ideas in their children’s rooms. However, the best way is to ask your children what they would like to see on their wall. Ask them and search online with them to let them choose the cartoons, animations, or any characters that want to see on their wall. Then paint them yourself or with the help of your partner to create the best of your artwork for your kids and let them enjoy their favorite characters in their room.