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Tricks to Organize the House in 1 Day to Make Your Life Easier

Your house will never be messed up again after following all the tips. Cleaning the house seems like a simple task, but it can become a challenge depending on the level of the mess or the size of the space. So if you want to streamline the arrangement, know that it is possible to organize the entire house in just 1 day with simple but very efficient tricks.

That’s because the organization of the house goes beyond cleaning the furniture and doing this as a basic need. A messy house makes life difficult, as it takes away moments of leisure and rest from the person who lives in it, as there is always dirty dishes there or an unmade bed here. In addition to helping productivity, the quality of life improves with a tidy home. So take the time to do this organization.

Set aside one day a week to clean the house and call for help

The first step is to set aside a day of the week to do this cleaning. With just one day to do the cleaning, organization will be easier, as you will avoid distractions. On that day, avoid putting other commitments together, such as going to the pharmacy, the market and others.

If you don’t live alone, it’s the two residents’ duty to clean together. Therefore, organize in your agenda a day to be organized. And together, divide the rooms in such a way that it is not too heavy for either of them. In addition to not overloading one person, cleaning will be faster.

If you only have one child, say five years old, include them in the organization. Ask the child to keep the toys in the proper place, to help keep the clothes and, among other things, that children leave around the house.

Give away or throw away everything you no longer use – How to organize the house

Many things end up staying at home and get in the way of the routine. Everything you don’t use, take it to donation and the things that are broken, take them to the trash. The ideal is to set aside a day just to do this. Open your clothes closet, see everything that can or cannot be donated. The same goes for foods that are in the cupboard, that are not spoiled but have been there for months. So, in addition to leaving space, it will help you keep the house cleaner and more organized.


After organizing and dividing the tasks, it’s time to get down to business. The first step is to divide the rooms and not try to do two at once. But while you’re going to make a room that takes longer, let the bathroom soak for easier cleaning (or anything else that needs soaking).

The ideal is to start from the back of the house to the front. Only leave the room to go to others, if that one has finished completely and then close the door so that the dust does not enter again and spoil the work done. Remember, organize clothes, change bedding, sweep the floor, mop, dust and others.

Each person does the cleaning in a way, find the best way for you and the residents of your house. There is no right or wrong right now.

How to keep the house organized by working outside all day?

One of the challenges for those who work outside the home is keeping the house organized with little time. In order not to miss your moment of rest, it is necessary to follow a few steps so that the house remains as you left it on the cleaning day.

Make the bed every day

when you wake up, the first thing you should do is make the bed. A tidy bed helps keep the room tidy and keeps you from going back into space for just “five minutes”. In other words, it helps with your daily productivity. It is not necessary to change the bed linen every day, leave this to be done on the cleaning day.

Did you get the dishes dirty?

Don’t leave it for later: whatever you’ve soiled, wash it off immediately. It won’t take you more than 10 minutes to wash the dishes for breakfast or lunch. This will keep the dishes from piling up, and when you get home from work, your sink will be clean and ready to be used again and there will be more time to rest.

Organize your clothes

When you get home from work, your dirty clothes should go straight into the laundry hamper. If using again, fold and place them in the closet. No leaving on the bed, lying on a chair or anywhere else. Used it, kept it!

Each item in its place

it is common to arrive from work to throw the bag in one place, the key on any counter and the cold sweater in another place. It may seem harmless, but as the days go by, it can become a huge mess. When you get home, put everything in its place. If you don’t have specific places, create a space for this to be done and avoid clutter accumulating.

If you follow the steps above, you will no longer suffer from messes or misplaced objects. So, when the cleaning day comes, it will be very fast and much more practical!