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Tricks and Tips to Renovate and Decorate Your Home

Discover ideas on how to decorate the room and find out which accessories make the environment cozy and beautiful. Have you ever wondered: how to decorate room? It may seem difficult to keep the environment organized and well decorated, but, in fact, with the right indications, it is possible to have a cozy, tidy and personality-filled space with practicality!

Having a well-decorated room is synonymous with well-being and coziness. Therefore, it is very important to choose all the furniture and accessories well.

The living room is the central room in the house. After all, this is where we receive special guests, rest after a long day at work, or watch our favorite movies and series. Therefore, it is essential that the space has a unique decoration, which reveals part of the residents’ personality, in order to guarantee warmth and comfort at all times.

To help you turn your dream environment into reality, we list useful tips for you to apply in your small or large room.

Small room: how to decorate?

Small rooms deserve special attention. In this case, the main rule is the optimization of the environment. After all, the more functional it is, the more comfortable and practical your daily life will be.

So, before deciding how to decorate, check the size of the room. Thus, the purchase of the main furniture, such as sofa and rack, will be even more accurate.

The measurement of space ensures that all furniture fits perfectly in the room, without disturbing the circulation area. One suggestion is to have custom-designed furniture. They are made-to-measure and take advantage of every corner of the room. No stress, you will have a cozy space! After assembling the base of the room, the next step is to invest in decoration accessories. And this is where the master’s tricks come in, which add breadth and depth to the small room.


Mirrors are not just decorative objects. Its function goes beyond! Therefore, they are ideal for generating a feeling of spaciousness in space – especially when combined with light colors and a good source of natural and artificial light.

The move here is to keep these accessories from light entry. However, if the space is small and there isn’t as much natural light available, don’t be afraid to bet on lighting fixtures. Spots and ceiling lights are great options for brightening the room. Another benefit is that they make decorative objects stand out – you just need to direct them to what you want to highlight.


The room rack does not need to be large in length or height. In smaller environments, prefer suspended models. You can combine them with shelves to organize papers and other objects such as DVDs and video games.

Use the bottom to store organizer boxes, or even puffs – if you are one of those people who likes to receive visitors, but don’t have enough space to keep armchairs.

Bonus tip: bet on chest puffs! They serve as a seat for guests and keep accessories well stored, which avoids unnecessary clutter in the room.


In small environments, lighter tones are recommended, as they create a feeling of spaciousness. Colors like white, beige, and, gray are the most traditional.

In small rooms with light walls, don’t be afraid to invest in brighter colored furniture and accessories.

In small rooms with light walls, don’t be afraid to invest in brighter colored furniture and accessories.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t paint the walls with other colors if you want to bring the room to life. The tip is to paint just one of them in stronger tones, or follow the half-wall technique. Have you heard about her? Paint the bottom with dark colors and leave the top with light tones.

How to make the room prettier: 4 important accessories

Still having questions about how to decorate your room? Check out five more essential accessories, suitable for large and small rooms . They are responsible for maintaining the charming and cozy environment:


The carpet runner is an excellent alternative for hallways and foyers. They are also beautiful and leave the decoration delicate and modern.

The rug makes the environment comfortable and warm. It also works as an acoustic insulator, which helps improve the sound of the television in the room. That way, that movie and series night will be even more intense!

When choosing yours, remember that the accessory should be 20 centimeters below the foot of the sofa and armchairs. In this way, the environment is harmonious, with a well-defined living area.


See how colorful pillows highlight the small white sofa

Great partners when it comes to room decoration, the pillows guarantee an even more beautiful and comfortable space. To change the look of the space whenever you want, the ideal is to have pillow covers at home.

When you get tired of the decor, just change the covers and renew the entire environment with practicality and without spending too much. Easy, fast and simple!

Choose pieces that match the decor and your personality. There are pieces made in different fabrics, such as leather, linen, fur and cotton, with different prints. Use creativity to create unique compositions.


Of course, the plants cannot be left out! Responsible for purifying the air, ensuring more warmth and beauty in the environment, distribute flowers and foliage the way you prefer!

If you don’t have time to care for different species, artificial plants are a good option. They are just as beautiful as the real ones and keep the space even more pleasant.