Bedroom Design

Trendy Nordic Bedroom Ideas for You

Nordic style It is one of the most popular products today, so we are facing a trend that we have seen in many homes, and because of its simplicity, it can be adapted to all spaces. If you want to decorate your bedroom in Nordic style, we will provide you with the necessary keys to realize this beautiful trend. Whether you have an adult or children’s bedroom in your hands, Nordic style allows us to play with tones, textures and trends. Explore the most basic ideas for creating a Nordic bedroom and the small details that can make it unique.

Simplicity and functionality

If something stands out in Scandinavian style, it is because of its simplicity and practicality . Seeking minimalism, just like minimalism, but wooden furniture and textiles and plants give some warmth. In this style, we find that the space seems spacious, because they only have the necessary furniture, only stools instead of bedside tables, simple bulb lamps and donkeys as dressing rooms. In this style, everything is very basic, and we can always add more personal and special styles, such as bohemian quilts or wall blankets.

Bright space

In this bedroom, we accurately see the Nordic style key, simple and bright environment . White and light tones double the luminosity and flood everything. If it is not to produce a smaller contrast, avoid too dark tones. As you can see on the wall, only a few simple sheets will not affect the light and allow the white wall to continue to be the protagonist. The wood on the floor is light-toned, another key to the Scandinavian style.

Pastel tones

The pastel colors they bring a special influence to the Scandinavian space. If everything is white, the space will be too cold and cold, but soft tones can be used to create contrast and texture. Pastel colors are usually the protagonist, because even if they have colors, seek the same clear space to avoid the strongest tones. Gray is usually widely used because it is a neutral and basic hue, but we can use colors from mint green to light pink, light yellow or sky blue.

Another color combination that is very common in this style is black and white, because black creates a lot of contrast, so it can make certain patterns or outlines stand out. On wallpaper or textiles, we will see this type of pattern, with basic black outlines that stand out against a white background. They have become a very representative part of the style.

Wood is the protagonist

Light colored wood is an excellent protagonist in these areas Nordic bedroom. The wooden furniture makes everything look very natural and eliminates the coldness of the used white. The floor can be white, but it is usually wooden, because a certain sense of nature is required under this trend. Scandinavian style seeks to be more ecological, because the functionality of furniture is related to more reasonable and longer use, avoiding buying more furniture or eliminating it. In Scandinavian environments, we often see the natural appearance of materials such as wool, wood or wicker. Plants are also very common and can add color and freshness to the space.

Nordic children’s room

Nordic children’s bedrooms are usually not as sober as adult bedrooms. Although there will always show the simplicity in the choice of furniture, but they came in was to add more color and detail to create interesting room is the room of a child. These children’s rooms often mix various styles to create more different and interesting environments. The retro style blends well with the Scandinavian world, which is why we see rattan chairs, wooden boxes for toys and some beautiful wrought iron beds in this bedroom.

Scandinavian style textiles

In the Nordic style, we can also find many textiles to space to bring color and joy of the process is very interesting. In both children’s rooms and adult rooms, we can find textiles with geometric patterns and simple and basic shapes, such as triangles or circles. These shapes are used in textiles that are usually two-tone, so they are more eye-catching. Black, white, gray and many other combinations in the typical shades of the Scandinavian world. We can see most of the black and white prints, but also popular soft tones such as mint green or light pink.