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Trendy and Modern Bathroom Ideas for You

Trendy and Modern Bathroom Ideas for You 2

From freestanding bathtubs to colorful tiles, we comment on trends in modern bathrooms, with tips for decorating the perfect environment.

In the past, bathrooms were clinically decorated. White and impeccable, yes, but not too bossy. You could say that before our grandmothers and their iconic pink tiled bathrooms, the world of bathing rooms was even a little dull. However, since around the ’60s, with the real estate boom around the world and pop culture on the rise, they have gained new faces beyond the traditional tiles, renewing themselves and embracing the trends that appeared in the rest of the house. Get inspired by ideas for decorating modern bathrooms!


Today we have many options when it comes to decorating this room. Especially when we think of technological advances, which give us new and increasingly incredible options for linings, tubs, basins, and bathtubs. From cozy home spas to retro shower rooms, modern bathrooms impress with their style just as any other environment has always done.

Freestanding Bathtub

Freestanding Bathtub 1

Who has never dreamed of bathing in a classic, rounded bathtub with the elegance of a French movie set? It is this product model that boosted the trend of the freestanding bathtub, that is, the bathtub that stays loose in the environment. Unlike the built-in ones, it doesn’t need a lot of manpower. It’s a good choice for those who have the necessary space, but want to save installation and finishing time!

Freestanding Bathtub 2

For those who are always looking to the future, there is another guarantee: this type of bathtub has less risk of infiltration due to problems with the pipe splicing. When there are leaks, they are more visible as there is nothing around them. This facilitates any repairs, which can be done more quickly.

Freestanding Bathtub 3

In addition, the models of this type of bathtub are varied. We find rounded pieces, with straight lines, with feet or without, white and even colored. From the industrial-style environment to the more classic, everyone can have their own freestanding bathtub.

Freestanding Bathtub 4

Freestanding Bathtub 5

Freestanding Bathtub 6

In addition, they are mandatory for anyone who wants to follow another trend, the spa-looking bathrooms! In addition to the hot tubs and jacuzzi, they have the charm needed to create super-relaxing scenarios.

Home Spa

Home Spa 1

After a tiring day full of tasks, few things are more relaxing than getting under the shower or in the bathtub and renewing your energy under the water. The home spa-style bathroom proposes to emphasize this characteristic of renewal and tranquility of the environment.

Home Spa 2

These modern bathrooms embrace some characteristics of traditional spas, often with white finishes, related to cleanliness and calm. Besides them, they are full of wooden details, known for warming up the decor. Also, invest in some plants – besides the bathtub, suspended, or in a simple vase on the countertop – in addition to scented candles. The pleasant smells also help to de-stress after a long day!

Home Spa 3

Home Spa 4

Home Spa 5

What counts is not the size of the space but the atmosphere created. Even tiny bathrooms can look spa-like with the right coatings, bath salts, and little plants. Another trick is to plan the lighting well, as we’ll explain later, to ensure a relaxing setting in the bathing area.

Vintage References

Vintage References 1

In keeping with decorating trends, modern bathrooms can also have old-fashioned references! Just as grandmas’ classic pink bricks had a comeback a few years ago, another vintage reference is making the minds of architects, interior designers, and residents: steel and gold as a finish.

These metals reappear in mixers in sinks, bathtubs, and showers. In fact, in any detail that can take them, even the lamp or mirror. In addition to bringing luxurious air to space, they also play the role of warming up the environment’s color palette.

Vintage References 2

Another popular feature is subway tiles, which are white bricks that line the walls.

Vintage References 3

Vintage References 4

Sink models also enter the trend! In addition to the large, disconnected sinks, the vintage bathroom also has antique cabinets.

Different Coatings

Different Coatings 1

Bathroom tiles have undergone a revolution. Today, we see everything from classic bricks to ceramics in the shape of diamonds and hexagons installed in color combinations.

In addition to the different formats taking over modern bathrooms, marble reemerged as a trend. It accompanies the enhancement of the environment, and both the original stone and porcelain tiles that imitate it add elegance to the bathroom. And it’s not because it’s a classic coating, which can’t compose modern environments. The wildcards for this are the combinations. They were the ones that professional Nicole Hollis bet on when designing the bathroom below, with shower and mixers in matte black tone. The marble was also combined with a stylish floor, with a chevron layout, which leaves no doubt: modernity dominates this house.

Different Coatings 2

Different Coatings 3

Different Coatings 4

Different Coatings 5

Last but not least are 3D coatings. Any space in the house is more impactful with a wall highlighted by them – even more so the bathroom. Its use is sure to make the decoration really with your face.

Tips to rock your bathroom decor



Lighting is essential for decorating bathrooms. It serves the purpose of creating scenarios, as in every part of the bathroom we have a need.

In front of the mirror, we need a light with a stronger intensity, for moments when we do makeup and shave, for example. That’s why we usually see sconces next to the mirrors or indirect lighting dedicated to the countertop region.

Lighting 1

A good tip for general space lighting is to invest in dimming. The feature allows the customization of light intensity, creating different scenarios, such as the penumbra, an imitation of candlelight, for relaxing baths.

We must also think about the color temperature, which can transform the bathing experience! The comfort climate calls for warmer light, pleasing to the eye, for the shower and bathtub area.

Bathroom Box

Bathroom Box 1

Have you ever thought about the importance of bathroom boxing? It’s essential for bathroom planning, but we don’t always pay enough attention.

There are several boxing closure models on the market and choosing the right one helps to optimize space. This choice needs to be thought out carefully! The doors can have a sliding or opening system. The first is ideal for more compact environments, avoiding harming circulation, entry, and exit from the box. They can be installed in any size bathroom. The open ones are more recommended for medium and large bathrooms.

With the trend towards verticalization and smaller and smaller apartments, we also see a lot of need for stylish bathrooms that are also sometimes used as toilets. Then all sorts of tricks are valid to make space look like a social area and even hide the boxing area!

Bathroom Box 2

Architect Ana Yoshida did this with ingenuity in a guest bathroom that also served as a toilet: she applied translucent tablets to the glass with transparent mortar. As they have a double finish, they help to camouflage the shower and decorate the environment.

Scene Stealing Accessories

Scene Stealing Accessories 1

It is from detail to detail that the decoration of any space in the house is transformed. Modern bathrooms are not left out. After all, what good is a beautiful balcony with nothing on top of it?

Scene Stealing Accessories 2

Items such as soap dishes and brush holders play an important role in the decoration of a bathroom. They are essential for the room’s function and can also be purchased to match the rest of the decor, such as icing on the cake.

Scene Stealing Accessories 3

In fact, they don’t even need to be purchased. With simple tricks, even common glass pots can inhabit a stylish bathroom. To customize that pot of hearts of palm or jelly, color the lid with spray paint of your favorite color – how about gold to get on with the trends? – and decorate it with, for example, different door handles. A set of them, well made, looks beautiful displayed on a tray on top of the counter, holding essential routine items, such as cotton pads and cotton swabs.

Scene Stealing Accessories 4

When there are no closed cabinets, baskets can be your best friend. Wicker ones combine with bathrooms full of nature, with rustic references, organizing towels, and toilet paper.

Scene Stealing Accessories 5

Other objects that can double as decoration are aromatic candles with beautiful packaging and bath salts.

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Trendy and Modern Bathroom Ideas for You