Top 10 Home Decor Trends To Look at on Pinterest

Many people like to find inspiration for home decoration on the picture social networking site Pinterest. Still, the longer you wander on the page, the more you will realize that you may be messed up by various styles of home pictures.

In the past year, pictures about home decoration on Pinterest have increased by 85% compared to 2019. Please take a look at this year-end report compiled by its internal team. Based on the analysis of the collection and search data of 200 million users in the past year, Pinterest summarized the interior design trends in 2021. The data intuitively reflects the tastes of consumers and analyzes user’s good ideas about the home environment.

As Pinterest spokesperson Michelle Kramer said: “We found that people have a planning mentality on Pinterest, looking for and discovering things that can inspire them, and then trying them offline.”

Through this report, you may have a clearer understanding of the 2021 home decoration trends and may also provide you with more instructive inspirations and ideas for decorating your new home.

1- Resort style

If you have no plans to buy a new home or renovate your old house, the renewal of some small corners in the home space may be a cost-effective way to add freshness and surprises to your daily life.

For example, transform your traditional bathroom into a spa-style bathroom that we often experience in resort hotels, add rattan furniture, DIY cedar wood bath mats, and even a handful of eucalyptus leaves. The search volume of platform users for “spa bathroom” increased by more than 269%.

2- The magic of metal

During the London Design Festival, we introduced the popularity of metal oxide materials, such as patina. In the “Design Shanghai” exhibition, copper was also popular. The same is metal. Brass is the kind with its retro effect, and it is also a material that many designers love to use. Popular pictures on Pinterest also confirm this.

Especially in the home environment, designers often mix and match different metals with various colors to enhance the atmosphere or sculpt details. The search volume of platform users for “metal mashup” increased by more than 423%.

3- Hello terrazzo

As a kind of artificial stone, terrazzo mix different colors and different sizes of crushed stone, glass, marble, quartz stone, granite, etc., into the cement binder to make a concrete product, and then the surface is ground and polished. Products.

Once regarded as cheap and conservative, this material has continuously appeared in various forms in the past two years. Its random and irregular patterns and styles give more imagination and possibilities for creation. The search volume of platform users for “Terrazzo” increased by more than 316%.

4- Fifth wall

Pinterest regards the ceiling as the “fifth wall” in the home space. This often-overlooked more and more designers are valuing place. Bold paint, eye-catching wallpapers, and intricate textures will become popular—ceiling decoration elements. The search volume of “ceiling” by platform users increased by more than 310%.

5- Bone wood inlay elements

Furnishings with bone wood inlaid elements have become popular again. They have intricate craftsmanship and often use raw materials such as ivory, boxwood, mahogany, rosewood, ox bone, snails, copper chips, and wax stone. The cost is naturally high.

However, its geometric and design style has been sought after by netizens. Many experts on Pinterest provide cost-effective DIY methods, such as buying disposable wallpaper and wax paper and cutting them into what you want. If you’re going to change, The new pattern will also be very convenient. The search volume of “ceiling” by platform users increased by more than 207%.

6- Wood triumph

Herringbone pattern and herringbone pattern floors have recently become a hot topic of discussion. This is not surprising because the excellent and elegant decoration will not be outdated when it is mentioned.

These two textures are very similar. The zigzag patterns arranged in parallel and their geometric attributes make the ground look neat, and the arrangement is patchy, giving people a retro and fashionable look. The search volume for “herringbone” by platform users increased by more than 131%.

7- Color gate

If your home is dominated by minimalism or a neutral and introverted atmosphere, you might as well use the door to change the rhythm. Choosing an exciting and eye-catching color for the gate is becoming a trend. But this kind of experiment may not be suitable for those who live in large communities, but if you are a single-family or villa owner, you might as well start from the door to add a little color and style to your home.

The search volume of platform users for “color door” increased by more than 121%.

8- Patterned plants

Growing large plants indoors is a consensus in the field of home decoration. However, people’s degree of pickiness about plants is no longer limited to their preference for green plants or look full of life, but more concerned about the color expression of plants and the details of the patterns.

For example, plants with patterns that are currently popular and bold colors such as neon green, deep purple, and bright pink. The search volume of platform users for “plants with patterns” increased by more than 533%.

9- Large decorative painting

Nowadays, decorative paintings are famous for a hanging method of decorating the wall with a combination of multiple pictures or to arrange the decorative images of the same size and shape in an organized manner or concentrating the center points of numerous paintings on the same line.

But the new game is to decorate the wall with a single large-size painting, whether a poster, painting, or photography. The search volume of platform users for “large decorative paintings” increased by more than 637%.

10- Sage Green

Every year in the home furnishing industry, there will be a trendy color, and this year’syear’s protagonist is sage green.

There are some green walls at home that will make you feel refreshed and energetic. This soft, neutral green gives people a calm feeling, but at the same time, it is very fashionable. It is more attractive than the yellow-green “green leaves.” The search volume of platform users for “sage green” increased by more than 637%.

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