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Top 10 Floor Lamps Ideas for You

Useful and charming, floor lamps not only serve to illuminate a certain corner or create an ambient light, they are also in themselves true design pieces and decorative notes that add personality to any space, large or small. Lighten up with these 10 proposals!

1. Floor lamp M

This suggestion by the renowned American interior designer, Jonathan Adler, combines the useful with the pleasant: an elegant floor lamp that serves, at the same time, as a coffee table to have your book and cup of tea always at hand. With two possible combinations – black/gold or white/silver – the result is one: chic and timeless lighting.

2. Fillsta Floor Lamp

Who says floor lamps have to be tall and narrow? According to IKEA, they can perfectly be short and round! Made of polypropylene – which allowed the molding of its abstract shapes – and with an aluminum footrest, this is a decorative note that will give a touch of light and boldness to any corner.

3. Moooi Horse Floor Lamp

Appealing and imposing, the Moooi Horse floor lamp is a visual delight thanks to its four legs and the sculpted horse body that gives it shape and originality. Perfect for large spaces and to complement a decor that really wants to be talked about, this is an idea that, although illuminated, almost makes you forget that it is a lamp but a work of art!

4. Floor Lamp Bloom

Designed to resemble a flower, this lamp has a metal foot and a lampshade molded and woven from polyurethane foam. The result? An organic effect that brings Mother Nature into the house. Available in white or black, it’s the perfect companion to look over your shoulder while reading a good book or watching a fun movie.

5. Carrara Floor Lamp

A 1m85cm sculpture that is as simple as it is beautiful – and the truth is that often the simplest things are, in fact, the most beautiful. The Carrara floor lamp is an absolutely discreet piece that, emanating a diffused and indirect light, contributes to a minimalist and clean decor.

6. Floor lamp Iguazú

In the form of a tripod, the Iguazú floor lamp seems to come to life, illuminating, in a soft and pleasant way, whatever niche is reserved for it. With modern and well-defined features, it is an excellent option for trendy environments, which ask for a great decoration piece.

7. Cancan Floor Lamp

Amusing and unexpected, the Cancan floor lamp innovated by bringing the lamps down to floor level, affixing them to a steel frame molded in a circle. Available in white or black, this illuminated inspiration seems to want to roll around on the floor.

8. Cloud Floor Lamp

Although simple and unpretentious, the Cloud floor lamp is still impressive, as a design piece that lends magic and imagination to any space. In the kids’ room, in the entrance or in the living room, this is a lighting that will leave you in the clouds.

9. Camp Floor Lamp

Looking like it came directly from another planet or at least from the future, the Camp floor lamp is a 100% flexible polypropylene structure so you can direct light exactly where you need it. Style, sobriety and a touch of boldness make this an addictive spot of light, to turn it on and off as often as you like…

10. Eclipse Floor Lamp

Another proposal for a low floor lamp, Eclipse is a design icon that dates back to the 80s. Created by Brazilian designer Mauricio Klabin, this piece is a decorative toy that, in addition to being beautiful to look at, allows the its polypropylene structure is open and closed according to the intensity and lighting perspective required. Much more than a simple point of light.