Bathroom Design

Tips to Have a Luxurious and Elegant Bathroom at Home

Nowadays, it has become easier to add a feeling of luxury and elegance to many rooms in a house. Although many people may not think so, there is no need to invest too much money. The bathroom is one of the laziest areas in house decoration, because it means a lot of work and will cause huge economic expenses. However, if you can memorize a series of decoration ideas and techniques well, you can visually renovate the bathroom, spend very little money and give it the sense of luxury you want and desperately wanted.

Put a mirror wall

If you want to get a feeling of luxury in the entire bathroom, you don’t need to remove the entire wall and put on high-quality, expensive tiles. A mirror wall is enough to bring elegance and luxury to the bathroom. Placing a mirror wall can also help you create a greater sense of spaciousness and achieve greater lighting throughout the bathroom. You can choose to place a large mirror that occupies a large area of ​​the wall, or buy a small mirror that is cut and create a combination according to the bathroom decoration.

Place glass partition

Another idea to make the bathroom feel luxurious and elegant, it involves placing a large glass screen in the shower tray. With a simple glass partition, you can bring an elegant feeling to the entire bathroom that you will love. In the market, you can find a variety of screens, so you can easily choose the one that suits your bathroom.

Replace bathroom furniture

When acquiring a luxurious bathroom and giving it elegance, it is also important to update the furniture. The most sensible approach is to choose furniture with long paste, which not only allows the entire bathroom to have a greater sense of spaciousness, but also achieves an elegant living experience. If you don’t want to invest too much money in furniture, it is always a good idea to update the furniture and make it look more stylish.

New faucet

One thing that usually attracts attention when entering a bathroom is its faucet. If your faucets are too old and deteriorate over time, now is a good time to replace them. A newest faucet can help you get a completely different look throughout the bathroom. In the market, you can find hundreds of types of faucets that allow you to add the luxury you need to your entire bathroom.

Use marble

Marble is a material that brings luxury and elegance to the room you want. In the case of the bathroom, it is important to ensure that the marble appears in the decoration, whether on the floor or on the wall. Indeed, it is a somewhat expensive material, but it is essential when the bathroom exudes luxury.


To make your bathroom exude elegance in all aspects, gold or gold is the key. You can choose to use golden tones on the faucet or bathroom mirror instead of saturating the entire room. If the bathroom is large, you can add more gold in different places such as the sink to achieve a modern and elegant room.

Don’t forget the lighting

To create a spectacular and elegant space, lighting is the key and essential. The ideal approach is to have as much natural light as possible. The light coming in from the outside allows you to create a unique space inside the house, thereby realizing a comfortable and wonderful space at the same time. The placement of artificial lighting should help provide as much space as possible. Don’t spend too much money on lamps, because it is important that they are elegant and help to create a modern and modern space.

In short, you can get a luxurious and elegant bathroom without spending a lot of money. Following some decoration ideas, you can have a modern, modern and luxurious bathroom. Therefore, there is no need to carry out major renovations when changing the decor of the room, which is as important as the bathroom.