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Tips to Create an Andalusian Patio Decor

Places with good weather for most of the year usually strive to create outdoor areas that are perfect for the day. The Andalusian’s terrace is proof that this is an area of ​​the house where you usually enjoy a peaceful oasis. This is custom and tradition. We found a central terrace in an Andalusian house to connect the rooms of the house and serve as a leisure and meeting area. Let’s look at some ideas for creating an Andalusian patio or at least representing everything in our own home. The great idea of ​​having a central and internal terrace and having as much charm as an Andalusian terrace attracts many people.

You must have the ideal space

Andalusian patios can be created in houses with indoor terraces . It is not a garden area, but a terrace that connects the house. If you have a terrace with these characteristics, you just need to find a way to make it look outstanding in Andalusian style. If you want to build a house from scratch, the Andalusian patio will be a central area that sometimes coincides with the entrance, where we can find balconies, stairs or fountains. This is a spacious meeting space, surrounded by the walls of the house, you can shade at different times of the day.


Representing the Andalusian patio is flowers and plants. These terraces are colorful spaces for life. It is common for us to find various plants, especially flowers, which provide the wonderful aromas and colors unique to these terraces. If the climate does not allow the same flowers to bloom, look for flowers that can adapt to where you live without giving up the color. On these characteristic terraces, we must have some natural scenery inside the house.

Flowerpot wall

This is a classic of the Andalusian terrace. It is on the wall to pots on the whitewashed with geraniums and colorful flowers. So typical, every time we think of this type of terrace, we think of this type of image. In addition, geraniums have strong resistance and color, which will add joy to the walls. If you can’t paint your paint, you can always paint them white to bring out the color of flowers and flower pots.

Decorative tiles

Although the idea of a terrace floor a lot, but it is due to the influence of the Arabs, on the Andalusian patio we see how they attach tiles. They are usually placed on the ground, but they can also be seen on objects such as walls or fountains. It brought a lot of life to our terrace and gave him a unique personality. We can choose to place the tiles on the floor between the wall and the terrace, or we can place the tiles in two colors on a very solid floor.

The presence of water

In Andalusia, due to this scarcity, it is very important for this element to bring freshness and vitality to the terrace. Usually a hole is left in the central area, where a fountain, a drain or a well can be placed. It is important that we have this sense of water. In this sense, one of our favorite elements is undoubtedly fountains, which can make the sound of water and at the same time refresh the environment. If it is also a beautiful ornamental fountain with tiles or certain details, you will surprise everyone.

Colors in the yard

On the terraces of Andalusia, nothing is boring. They like light and colors, and everything exudes joy. This is why you should forget about the neutral shades that are popular today in Nordic trends and choose some bright shades. They are usually used on flower pots, railings or certain details, and have shades of red, green or blue. Compared with the white of the walls, these bright colors make our terrace more individual. In addition, windows that usually have wooden blocks are usually painted in these tones to create a harmonious and interesting atmosphere.

Terrace furniture

If you want to add some furniture to the Andalusian patio, please choose the traditional one, because the patio is. It’s natural to look for things made of wicker. They are also a good choice forged, old-fashioned look on this terrace looks great.