Tips to Choose a Good Fabric for Upholstery

When choosing a sofa for your project, your choice must consider much more than model, color, and size. Durability is undoubtedly an essential issue for your customer. Therefore, you must know each type of fabric for upholstery and its indications.

Thus, some factors about where he lives can be decisive for his choice, such as having small children, having pets, or even if the furniture is for the outside of the house.

Keeping this in mind, all that remains is to know each of the fabrics indicated for each type of residence and its residents. Follow and get your next choice right!

Upholstery fabric — how to choose the right one for each environment

Before recommending a new sofa to your client, you should think about the environment in the house where it will be placed. This makes it easier to choose the type of fabric. Check out the most common types!


This upholstery fabric is one of the oldest. It is characterized by using a technique of printing the material during weaving. Because it has a closed weave, it is easier to keep it clean without dirt accumulation and ensure a more straightforward cleaning.


It is the most modern among fabrics for this purpose. Coatings of this type are, for the most part, imported and have a texture that guarantees a lot of comforts. One of its benefits is that it does not have an apparent plot and, therefore, it is easy to clean.

Care must be taken with liquids as they stain easily. A good tip you can give is to say that you need to waterproof it.


Suitable for cold places, the velvet fabric is the best choice for sofas. In addition to being comfortable, it becomes warm and cozy.

It is not suitable for animals, as a pulled thread can destroy the weave of the fabric!


Sofas covered with synthetic material are easy to clean and very resistant; however, they are warm in summer and cold in winter.

This type of sofa covering is suitable for homes with allergic people and is also an excellent option for small children and pets due to the ease of removing hair and dust.

Acrylic synthetics are excellent for outdoor decoration as they do not fade.

Pelleted twill

Twill is a strong fabric made from 100% cotton. This new version has a soft feel, comes pre-shrunk, and is easier to clean.

Its decoration is for any room in the house, and the best: it guarantees elegance, comfort, and softness.


It was one of the most used until recently, as it is very comfortable fabric. But today, with other materials, such as suede, which are much more accessible, chenille has lost its position as a softer coating.

One part contributing to this was the difficulty in cleaning, as it accumulates dirt in the gaps, which is also harmful to people with respiratory problems.

How to maintain upholstery

You can help your customer, too, by indicating proper upholstery maintenance. Well, this is the best tip always to leave them with that face of new furniture. With that, it will keep with the original color for a long time and will increase its lifespan. Let’s know-how?

  • Apply waterproofing film: this is one of the main tips, as it prevents the upholstery from suffering from spills of liquid and excess dust. It can be applied by a specialized company or through products found on the market;
  • Do not cover leather sofas with plastic covers — since leather upholstery is considered a “living” fabric, protecting it shortens its useful life. To clean it, clean it with a damp cloth with mild soap and water;
  • Dry cleaning some fabric upholstery: if this is the case, indicate not to wash the sofa at home, let a specialized company do this;
  • Please do not place the sofa in a place where the sun shines: the sun’s rays often falling on the upholstery contribute to it fading and drying out.

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