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Tips for Making Grey Cabinets Look Attractive in a Small Kitchen Space

Are you looking forward to buying grey cabinets but are worried about being short of space in your kitchen? Well, if yes, just know you are not alone. Hundreds of homeowners take to Google every day to search for strategies for fixing grey-colored cabinets in small-sized spaces. Must you be a pro in interior design to make neutral-toned cabinets match the aesthetics of any kind of space? Of course not!

To help you go about that, we decided to research the best techniques for fitting grey-colored cabinets in interiors with limited spaces and whether or not they are applicable. Continue reading to access our expert-proven recommendations for working with grey kitchen cabinets

Are Grey Kitchen Cabinets Good for Me? 

Grey kitchen cabinets can rhyme perfectly with the outlook of any vintage or modern interior space design. Besides, they are reputably durable, versatile, and amazingly easy to style and maintain. To determine whether or not grey cabinets are perfect for you, try paying attention to the following;

#1: Personal Preferences

Your tastes as far as cabinet design features like color, material, and beautification elements are concerned, are some of the sure tickets to knowing whether or not given cabinet storage fixtures are ideal for you. 

In case the colors present in your kitchen are wholesomely inclined towards your likes, then you can be sure that grey cabinets can work well to make your cooking space look exactly like what you want it to look like. 

#2: Your Kitchen’s Overall Layout

While grey cabinets are mostly ideal for expansive spaces, thanks to their dark hue, they can be fixed into any small-sized interior. The implication is that you must always try to bear in mind the size and shape of your kitchen space to determine whether or not grey-stained cabinets can work well for it. 

If your space is small in terms of size, you can choose to incorporate your ideal grey kitchen cabinets with colorful implements and artificial lighting fixtures to soften their heavy hues courtesy of color contrast. 

#3: Your Budget for Kitchen Remodeling

Generally speaking, your budget for a kitchen remodeling exercise can tell you whether or not you can go for grey cabinets. You probably know that cabinets are sold at different prices based on a range of factors, including material quality, ornamentation, and size. 

While a majority of grey-stained cabinetries are not as expensive as you may imagine, the amount of cash you set aside for kitchen cabinets can tell you whether or not you can afford the grey kitchen cabinets of your choice. 

#4: Trending Fashion

If you must use grey cabinets to make your kitchen shine like never before, you probably want to settle on nothing less than the most stylish-looking grey-colored cabinetries. For that reason, you must bear in mind what is currently trending to determine what to go for. Grey kitchen cabinets might be on-trend but not all of them. 

If the grey cabinets you are attracted to are not among the top cabinet trends, you can be sure that they might not be stylish enough to transform your scullery into what you want it to look like. To determine on-trend grey kitchen cabinets, you can choose to talk to designers, read interior décor magazines and articles, or even conduct market research on acclaimed furniture-selling sites. 

How to Style Grey Cabinets in a Small Kitchen

  • Incorporate Mixtures of Colors

In a small-spaced interior, grey-toned cabinets can overwhelm everything with their less vibrant greyish appeal. To avoid that, according to interior designers, one needs to contrast the overwhelming outlook of grey cabinets with light shades and colorful kitchenware. 

Fortunately, because the color grey is neutral, merging colors in a space adorned with grey cabinets can never be difficult. In any bid to add colors to an interior with grey-toned cabinets, you only need to pay attention to your likes and the overall demeanor of the interior space in question. 

  • Add Metallic Décor Accessories and Hardware

Like light colors, metallic finishes can perfectly contrast the neutral appeal of grey cabinets to make everything inside your kitchen stand out. Just like they can blend well with multiple colors, grey kitchen cabinets can look attractive when paired with metallic finishes, for example, golden, stainless steel, aluminum, and copper finishes. 

Besides metallic accessories, you can add metallic hardware, for example, stainless steel sinks and faucets as well as metallic kitchenware like pots and pans to your small kitchen in a bid to make the grey cabinets inside it stand out. 

  • Install Artificial Lighting Fixtures

Like black cabinets, grey cupboards can easily make a space seem dark, especially in the absence of enough lighting. According to interior designers, the best way to avoid that, besides color mixing and incorporation of metals, is by installing artificial lighting fixtures, for example, pendant bulbs. 

If you consider pendant bulbs very expensive, you can choose to opt for in-cabinet lighting fixtures. But that may prove effective if your grey cabinets are open-shelved or adorned with glass doors. In case installation of lighting fixtures isn’t an option for you, then consider creating open spaces in your kitchen to make it seem less overwhelming. 

  • Ensure Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

Do you know that failing to clean your kitchen as regularly as possible can come with devastating consequences? In the absence of regular cleaning, the overall outlook of your kitchen space and everything inside can easily be bogged down to look very unattractive. 

With their neutral grey hue, grey kitchen cabinets can easily seem worn out in a space that looks untidy due to inadequate maintenance. By regularly cleaning your small kitchen, you can easily spare the grey cabinets inside it from dust, smudges, and scratch marks, all of which can easily tone down the degree to which they are deemed stylish. 

Final Thoughts

Honestly speaking, whether your kitchen hall is large or small in terms of size, you don’t need to be a master designer to fix grey cabinets inside it. Grey kitchen cabinets are compatible with all kinds of spaces. Provided you match their outlooks with the right shades and pair them with the colorful accessories, grey cabinets can look exemplarily stylish in your scullery.