Halloween Decorations

Things You Cannot Miss in Halloween Decoration

The Halloween decoration is indispensable to celebrate this date with a lot of fun. That’s because although Halloween refers to a dark theme, it is the joy that prevails in the celebration. Therefore, on Halloween, it is common to have costume parties in places decorated with this playful theme.

To help you with ideas for that date, we will present things that can not be missing in the Halloween decoration. So, you will check out tips for creating lanterns, candle holders, decorated pumpkins, food, among other inspirations of decorations with this theme.

Carved MDF candle holder

1. Carved MDF candle holder

With 4 pieces of pumpkin-shaped MDF glued together, it is possible to create a candle holder. To make a piece like this, just buy the pieces already sculpted in MDF or replace them with another material, such as cardboard, for example. In the latter case, use a stylus with great care to sculpt the face of the pumpkin.

Painted pumpkins

2. Painted pumpkins

Painted pumpkins 1

Easier than carving the pumpkin is painting it. To do this, use gouache or acrylic paint, or even a permanent pen. That way, you can customize several pumpkins with different faces.

Orange decorated with carnations

3. Orange decorated with carnations

To make the decorated orange, just create a hideous face on the fruit using cloves of India.

Glass jars decorated with tissue paper and flasher

4. Glass jars decorated with tissue paper and flasher

To make decorated glass pots, use tissue paper glued to the pieces. Then, create eyes and other details of the face with black paper. Finally, insert a blinker into the jars. They will form very nice lighting for Halloween night.

Candleholder made with painted pots

5. Candleholder made with painted pots

Freely paint the glass jars using acrylic paint, water-based synthetic enamel or PVA paint. Once dry, insert candles into the jars. Thus, you will have personalized handmade lanterns for Halloween decoration.

Pumpkin decorated with plastic dentures

6. Pumpkin decorated with plastic dentures

Just make a small opening in the pumpkin to insert a plastic denture. If desired, create eyes on a piece of paper and fix them on a barbecue stick.

Glass pot decorated with a little ghost

7. Glass pot decorated with a little ghost

To create ghosts inside the pot, create a base for them using a small branch. Then use pieces of gauze to represent the ghosts. Don’t forget to make two black dots on the gauze using pens to represent the eyes.

Frankenstein made with a roll of toilet paper

8. Frankstein made with a roll of toilet paper

With a roll of toilet paper, you can create a personalized Frankstein with coloured paper and a pen. This piece serves both to decorate and to store treats for Halloween.

Mummy-themed candle holder

9. Mummy-themed candle holder

Glue a strip over glass jars. To represent the face of the mummy, also glue two eyes. Finally, insert the candles.

Cake in the pot decorated with a Halloween theme

10. Cake in the pot decorated with a Halloween theme

The colourful cake in the pot is the face of Halloween. To colour the cake dough, use aniline or natural dyes, such as carrots, beets and spinach. Then, assemble the cake in the decorated pot adding filling and icing to your taste.

Colourful juice served in the decorated pot

11. Colorful juice served in the decorated pot

Use glass jars that you already have at home to make decorations using acrylic paint, water-based synthetic enamel or PVA paint. serve colourful drinks in them, like carrot and cabbage juices, for example. Be sure to put a coloured straw to finish the themed decor.

Sweet pot with Minhoquinhas

12. Sweet pot with Minhoquinhas

Do you know those little jelly candies in the shape of little worms? So, they are great for decorating Halloween candy. In the photo project, a chocolate candy was made that represents the earth with larvae coming out of it. Is it or is it not the face of Halloween?

Halloween balloons

13. Halloween balloons 1

13. Halloween balloons

Use a permanent pen to draw faces on balloons. Then, stick the balloons on the wall using double-sided tape to create the impression that they are flying.

Ghost balloon

14. Ghost balloon 1

To make this balloon, in addition to creating the face of the ghost, use white crepe paper glued to the base of the balloon. Then, stick the balloon to the wall using masking tape.

Ghost glasses

15. Ghost glasses

For a simple and quick decoration, draw three points on disposable cups representing ghosts.

Zombie theme window protector

16. Zombie theme window protector

To create a very unusual decoration, use cardboard to represent protective wood for the window. To make the cardboard more realistic, draw streaks on it using a black pen. To finish, create arms using cardboard.

Hanging in the form of eyes

17. Hanging in the form of eyes

For a decorated ornament, use small plates suspended by a piece of thread. Glue paper eyes to their centres.

Spider web

18. Spider web

Create cobwebs using garbage bags, electrical tape, thread or other material that you have available.

Table set for Halloween

Table set for Halloween

To make a quick decoration for the Halloween table, invest in plastic dentures and fabric napkins. Give preference to colours that refer to that date such as red, orange, green and black.

Spider ice cream

20. Spider ice cream

Make ice with small toy spiders in the cubes. When serving drinks using this personalized ice cream, be sure to use a straw.

Decorated candle for Halloween

Decorated candle for Halloween

To make decorated candles, use a coloured lighted candle. Pour the wax that burns over white candles.

As you noticed, these Halloween decorating ideas are really easy to do. The celebration of that day can be a good excuse to get family and friends together on a really fun night, right? Did you like these tips? Then share this post with your friends on social networks.