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The Most Useful Open Roman Showers Ideas

The Roman shower is one of the most interesting trends of the year in terms of bathroom decor. There is no doubt that visually they are incredible. An impeccable type of shower that can be easily adapted to any space thanks to its design.

In addition, beyond being elegant, it should also be noted that they are very practical, especially in bathrooms with little space. The typical Roman shower comes out of the same floor as the rest of the bathroom; that is to say, it shares the same coating and there is no distinction between the floor and the shower.

How much does it cost to install a Roman shower in the bathroom? You have a price calculator in the article that details how much it costs to reform a bathroom.

Although nowadays it is usually chosen to install a shower tray and thus mark the division between the water area and the floor of the rest of the bathroom. The latter is something that is being used more and more, since in this way materials that are better adapted to wet spaces and humidity can be used. Reasons why putting an open Roman shower is a very good idea.

Roman showers integrate into any space

Roman showers in the bedroom room

That is, they are very flexible when choosing a place for their installation. They can be placed both in the middle of the bathroom, and in a corner. Or if not, they can occupy an entire wall.

To give you an idea, as a general rule they are a little larger than usual showers and can be between 120 and 200 cm wide.

They are modern and current

Modern Roman showers trends

Although the origin dates back to the Romans and, therefore, they have a fairly ancient origin; nowadays this type of shower is synonymous with modernity.

Most interior architects or designers incorporate them. If you look at the hotel bathrooms you will see that they have more and more Roman showers. And we cannot forget that they are versatile and classy, ​​they are here to stay and it is not just a passing trend.

They are ideal for small bathrooms

As a general rule, they are larger than usual, but they can also be 80 × 80 cm or 90 × 90 cm. In the case of installing it in a small bathroom, we recommend placing a screen, so that it isolates the shower as much as possible and does not splash water on all sides.

They have no step

Roman stepless open shower

This is important both functionally and in design. The fact of not having a step improves accessibility. They are highly recommended for bathrooms that are going to be used by people with mobility problems, or in which the elderly live.

In addition, on the other hand we promote design. The fact of having the shower at ground level makes the bathroom visually much more beautiful, it seems that the shower is integrated into it. Ideally, the screen should be 100% glass, to visually enhance the whole.

They fit in with any style of decoration

Roman showers in luxury bathrooms

Although it is a type of shower that is considered as modern, it fits with any style. Keep in mind that in the end what will mark the style of bathroom decoration is the whole of it.

If, for example, you follow a rustic inspiration (with earth-colored tones and antique wood elements), even if you integrate this type of shower, the rustic essence will not be lost, but will be enhanced by being an extension of the decoration.

I encourage you to see photos of Roman showers and be inspired to install one in the bathroom. Being an open shower with a considerable space you will have the opportunity to decorate it internally as you like. Adding some decorative elements on the walls or even plants, for example.

Rustic bathroom style roman shower

Integrated roman showers bathroom decoration

Modern roman shower with transparent glass

Transparent roman showers with shower tray