Subtle L-shaped Kitchenette Ideas for You

Distribution kitchen is a basic part of the family, because it is a very important place where we spend a lot of time. The kitchen must be functional, which is why space must be taken into consideration when allocating the kitchen. Today, we will see the idea of ​​a small kitchen in L, which is a way to create a new kitchen.

The small kitchen should make full use of every corner, so the design usually optimizes each space to the greatest extent. This is why the L-shaped kitchen can be a good choice for small kitchens, because it makes full use of the shape of the kitchen and provides us with a lot of storage space.

Why in L’s kitchen

The L-shaped kitchen is usually used in a rectangular kitchen and it is not very spacious. Therefore, we can use all the walls to place the storage area and enjoy an ideal working corner. If you can’t put an island on the island due to lack of space, then these L-shaped kitchens are a good idea. The more we use the kitchen area, the better we can do.

Use window

White kitchenette

If your kitchen has windows, it is a good idea to be able to take advantage of this area because it provides you with good natural light and is perfect for working in the kitchen. Since it is impossible to place a stove, a sink or work area can be placed in the window area. This is an ideal space to get plenty of light, and an open kitchen with plenty of storage space. You can put the upper cabinet on another wall, but you can even add some shelves to the window wall. However, in this area, the storage space will be located below.

Make the most of all space

You want a kitchen with a lot of storage space. Choose to make full use of the wall extension function and install a built-in wardrobe on the wall. If we need to store a lot of things, this idea is perfect. Therefore, we created a large cabinet for the kitchen to store all the items, and we do not need a storage room. In addition, if we choose modern cabinets without handles, we will have a minimalist kitchen, which looks equally spacious due to the white color.

Add dining area

L’s small kitchen

Many people use these to create a central space of the L-shaped kitchen plus a table where you can eat. Look for a beautiful table that fits the space and that has the necessary functions, that is, we should not buy a table that is too big or too small. We always adapt to the needs of every moment. Using a wooden table in a modern white kitchen is a good idea because it adds the more casual and warm feeling we need.

Small classic L-shaped kitchen

Small kitchen

Classical style is not outdated, someone will always decide to create a kitchen from the latest kitchen. The trend of simplicity creates a warm space . Nowadays, classic wooden furniture is usually painted in white or other brighter colors (such as blue or green), but there is no shortage of classic wooden doors in these kitchens. In a small kitchen, it is recommended to paint this wood in a lighter shade. Classics cannot be outdated. If we buy high-quality cabinets, we will have a kitchen that can last for many years, because if we want to change its style, we only need to paint these cabinets.

Small wooden kitchen

The kitchen that puts L-shaped cabinets on wood also costs a lot. Because the woods used today are light-toned, they are kitchens with many styles. Although the wooden kitchen does not take up space, there is no natural light, so it is much warmer. If there are no windows, it is best to choose a white tone. Of course, natural-style wooden kitchens are a trend. In these beautiful kitchens, floral decorations and vintage details (such as vintage toasters) look great. Wood is a finish that usually does not become obsolete, although light wood is now used.

L make it’s kitchen

Kitchen with bar

If you have open space, you may want to take advantage of it. This is why it is always a good idea to create a bar with an L-shaped kitchen. It is a bar for breakfast or lunch. It provides us with a working space and at the same time we see the people in the room because it is an open space. With the bar, we managed to delineate the kitchen, while at the same time, we have a larger work area and space that can be used as a dining room for two people. There is no doubt that this is a very practical idea, which is carried out in many modern small kitchens to make better use of the open space of an apartment or small house.

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