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Stylish Wallpaper Ideas for You

The wall wallpaper can give glamor and instant warmth to any part of our home or office, and although previous years a timid use of them was observed, there is a clear trend to increase its use in 2022. More walls covered with wallpaper They are emerging in homes and are spreading rapidly in recent times. For this year, professionals recommend giving free rein to creativity and imagination and giving a dramatic turn to the decoration of our spaces. Wallpaper is a decorative element that has been used for many years. Just as new trends are observed in fashion, the same happens in wall designs.

Wall wallpaper with flowers

One of the most prestigious tools in interior design is wallpaper. A cute well-matched wallpaper in the dining room can make a great design statement.

Organic lined wallpaper adds a soft touch to a room, while a bold geometric design adds energy to a space, making it fun. This flower print wallpaper adds a traditional look to the room. Along with modern furniture and accessories it is perfect.

In recent years wall coverings have made leaps and bounds offering new materials, textures and especially designs, but one of them, probably the oldest and one of the most used, continues to improve day by day to offer us new possibilities that give life to our house, as are wallpapers.

Flower patterns have been flourishing everywhere and will continue well into 2022. Starting with large-scale flowers, old-school-inspired vintage still lifes and botanicals, which can be used, are becoming more popular. in a variety of interior styles, from classic to contemporary.


You can also choose three smooth walls and the fourth cover it with wallpaper, giving a high impact to the room.

There has also been a very good evolution in the quality of the papers; now they are more resistant to cleaning with strong products, which gives them a great advantage over common wall paints.

A great option is to avoid overly modern wallpaper. Choose the color you like and keep it classic, it will be good not to change the wallpaper every year.

Wallpaper does much more than paint. Wallpaper brings style, elegance and luxury. This wallpaper is an updated version of Moroccan inspiration.

This type of design brings order to our houses with simple and clean patterns. To achieve a good impact, it is recommended to apply them in small spaces such as hallways and bathrooms. Or to create sophistication in areas such as bedrooms. Or for an interesting touch, they can be applied to ceilings. Without a doubt, this type of pattern offers great versatility and elegance.

Animal Print

This type of design creates a sensuous, textured luxury feel. Think accent walls, hallways, or a rich library with this type of wallpaper.

Something that we had already so forgotten and that seemed to belong to another era, like the 60s and 70s, has returned, and with more force than ever. Covering the wall with paper is becoming a big trend in interior decoration.


The handcrafted look is a big trend in decoration. What is done by hand has a lot of value and meaning. Each piece is unique. Hand-painted clean geometry wallpaper is perfect. All a work of art.

This technique is used and highly recommended for decorating children’s rooms, since there are very fun designs that will take the child to a fantasy world.

There are endless roles available for the smallest members of the family. From boats, balloons and animals, all created to encourage children to dream of an imaginary world with all its possibilities.


Advances in digital printing have made it possible to create life-size art from 19th century pastoral scenes. More artists are realizing that they can bring their large-scale works to wallpaper, and it is one of the ways to bring the art from the old world to modern life.

Wallpaper is the perfect way to bring a home to life, and with advancements in digital printing, there are many options available to reproduce an artwork for your walls.

Imitation of natural materials

From plank walls, concrete blocks, or wood paneling, which is an easy way to “fool the eye.” Whether it’s an accent wall or wallpapering an entire room, you add your desired material without the cost of actual installation.


Oversized scenes of cities, holiday destinations, or Pompeii ruins, among others, can be found on wall paper.

Natural landscapes

The trend to blur the line between outside and inside continues. Wall coverings continue to bring the outdoors in, and regardless of your location, you can live with plants all year round.

There is no reason to cover an entire room with wallpaper, just choosing a wall to accentuate is enough for a great decoration. In a bedroom the back wall of the bed is perfect.

There is no doubt that one of the key trends in terms of wall decoration is closely linked to the incorporation of wallpapers, since these, in addition to offering us proposals that were previously difficult to imagine, allow us to completely change the appearance of our spaces with the minimum effort, as they are very easy to incorporate.

So if you were thinking of changing the decoration of your walls, but were not willing to do the extensive work involved in painting, you can consider this technique simpler and sometimes even more flattering.

In recent years, what is the wallpaper for the walls and the vinyls has been revolutionized enough to give them a touch of color. Thousands of houses have wallpaper of all colors on their walls. Would you like to see your mural type house?

The idea is not that you buy the images already established, but that you can get an image that you are passionate about and put it on the wall of any part of your home. For example, if you see a wallpaper of a walk in the country, you just have to contact the companies that do this and they will send you the wallpaper with the image you want to your home.

Mr Perswall is one of the companies that makes this type of wallpaper. The company is Swedish but you can access their website and see their catalog without problems as well as buy them quickly and easily.

How to wallpaper

One of the techniques in decorating spaces that is currently having the most success is the implementation of wall papers, since they are very practical to be placed and look very good.

The most important and first thing to do is define well the style you want to give to your space, and see that the design you choose adapts well to the furniture you plan to have there.

If the wallpaper of your choice is very colorful and eye-catching, in order not to overload the environment, few furniture and accessories are recommended, as the wallpaper will surely fulfill the condition of the focal point. If instead it is very discreet, they can paint or choose their furniture in contrasting colors.

There are many designs, and the possible combinations never end. You can wallpaper all the walls with the same tapestry, or combine walls 2 to 2 with different designs, such as 2 smooth and 2 with patterns, or simply choose a very striking wallpaper and give effect to a single wall.

  1. The first thing you have to do is get a metal spatula and remove any debris that is on the wall and that hinders the procedure.
  2. As when painting, the next step is to clean the wall, for this, you can use a broom with a cloth, or you can rub with water with a product that is not very aggressive, for example, with ammonia. The day you clean the area you can take the day off, as you have to wait for the wall to dry.
  3. The second essential step is to sand the wall, thus avoiding that the paper does not adhere well, especially in areas such as corners.
  4. Having the area prepared you can unroll the paper, ideally in a large room, and remove any wrinkles or creases, and now starting from the measurements, go cutting the plates. One trick is to cut a few more inches, to work more loosely.
  5. To apply it, draw a straight line on the wall and begin to fix with the glue indicating, and passing a brush so that it is smooth.